About Our Society

The London Omnibus Traction Society was founded in 1964, and now has the largest membership of any bus enthusiasts' organisation in the UK.

LOTS covers Greater London and the surrounding area, which roughly corresponds to that of London Transport's Country territory before 1970.
This area is roughly bounded by Gravesend, Crawley, Guildford, Windsor, Aylesbury, Luton, Harlow and Tilbury.

We mail our magazine-style newsletter "The London Bus" to, members every month. Typically TLB contains 40 A5 pages packed with news and information of the happenings of bus operators - their vehicles, routes, policies, publicity, etc - and 8 full colour topical photos. An example issue can be viewed on-line here.

We also publish the 'London Bus Magazine' (LBM) 4 times a year which is profusely illustrated and printed on glossy paper. It features modern and historical articles, annual reviews of London bus events, and recent news in pictures.

Each year about six additional publications on specific subjects are produced. See the Publications page for information on TLB, LBM and other publications.

We hold meetings at The Gallery at Alan Baxter in central London, featuring guest speakers from the bus industry, slide and film shows, etc. Entrance is free to members and our sales stand attends each meeting.

Our Information Service records items of historical interest on buses and routes in the London area, and goes back to 1908.

Our General Privacy Notice may be found here.