TLB - The London bus

TLBThe London Bus is LOTS' monthly newsletter and our principal publication, having been produced for around 40 years. Now in A5 format with full colour cover, it is sent to members every month. The closing date for contributions is normally the first Friday of each month and, after preparation and printing, TLB normally arrives with members within two weeks.
TLB reports on the operations and vehicles of around 120 companies working local bus services in Greater London and the Home Counties within a region roughly corresponding with the original London Transport bus operating area bounded by Gravesend, Sevenoaks, Crawley, Guildford, Windsor, Aylesbury, Luton, Harlow and Tilbury. Each issue has around 40 pages, 8 colour photos and about 22000 words, with references to around 300 bus routes and 1000 vehicles including those delivered, sold and transferred. Recent and future route changes for every operator are listed, providing a historical record of bus services. Most operators supply us with official information, and this is supported by many members reports, so as to provide an unrivalled and authoritative service. TLB also contains business and political news, and reports on publications, forthcoming exhibitions and rallies, and much more.
An example issue is available to download
(Note: A few personal details have been obscured in this on-line version).

LBM - London Bus Magazine Index

The London Bus Magazine is another flagship publication from LOTS. In regular production since 1972, it is produced four times per year, in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. It is a fully illustrated, glossy 64-page magazine, with around 90 pictures per issue. One or two major articles feature in each issue, including historical events covering a century of buses in the capital and current events. There are features on bus classes, garages, areas of operations, manufacturers and operators in our area, as well as selected photographic reviews.

Each issue includes a section entitled "Around & About" devoted to recent developments, supported by illustrations and informative captions. In the Autumn or Winter issues we include a review of the London area events of the preceding year.

An index to all articles is available here.


LBM can be obtained on subscription, or individual copies can be purchased from our sales list or from our sales stand at events and meetings, and at some transport bookshops.

FBK - Fleetbook

FBKThe London Bus and Tram Fleetbook is a 128-page pocket-sized book containing the fleets of around 60 operators in London and the Home Counties. Stock and registration numbers, chassis and body types, seating capacities, summaries of where to find main vehicle types are included. FBK is produced each Spring, and is an essential "bible" for the London bus enthusiast.
2024 edition now available.

SUPs (Supplements)

TLB supplements provide specialist, supplementary information to that published in TLB and the Fleetbook. Many have been produced over the years. Currently available are:

SUP15B - Lists support vehicles until 2005 with illustrations. Includes Underground and private operators' vans, lorries and cars.

SUP24J - Current support vehicles with a full fleetlist and allocations. Updated April 2023.

SUP39D - This booklet encompasses the TfL operators’ fleets with garage allocations and a simplified PVR table.

Other SUPs dealing with specific London bus subjects are issued from time to time.



A series of booklets cover London Transport vehicle news for specific years, presented in the current TLB style, month by month. Years from 1948 through to the1980s have been produced so far.

Historic publications

The first issue of The London Bus (TLB) appeared in July 1964, and over the intervening 60 years more than 1,250 magazines and books have been published. There is now an on-line listing of these publications, giving full details of every title. Almost 600 titles can be viewed on-line or downloaded, in full and free of charge.
The list can be found here.


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