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Monday 23 October:  Bob Palmer slide show:  Pure Nostalgia Part 3.
Monday 20 November: Nick Agnew, ‘By bus to Epping Forest’.
Monday 18 December:  Fred Ivey: illustrated talk on his early days as an enthusiast.  

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Latest news 

Sunday 15th October

1) Happenings in London this weekend centred mainly on the changes of operator in east London on routes 103, 175 and 257.    Arriva DWs have been ‘cascading’ for a few weeks now into Grays (103) and Barking (175) as well as Croydon (for the 194) and a load more have followed in the past few days.   Stagecoach took over the 257 and runs it from  Leyton using a mix of new E40Hs and older diesel E400s released from the  loss of the 103. 

Sunday 8 October

1) The all-electric Irizar i2E that was exhibited at Coach&Bus Live at the NEC on 4/5 October has been brought to London.  It is at Ash Grove and is to be trialled on routes W13 and 153.
2) Nearly all the WVNs due at Merton for route 131 are now there, although not all yet have blinds. In turn London United has reduced its TA collection, most of which are now working from Hounslow.
3) Arriva and Metroline continue to receive new Volvo B5LH- Gemini 3s (HV and VWH classes) but the majority remain in store.  Meanwhile London United should start receiving 36 of the same type (their VH class) for the take up of route 18  from11 November.  That will be a notable date as route 45 passes from Go-Ahead to Abellio with new E40Hs and the 188 from Abellio to Go-Ahead with yet more new Volvo B5LHs (WHV class).

Thursday 5 October

LBSL intends to enter into new contracts for the following routes with the operators listed below:
Route               Current Operator          New Operator               PVR     Vehicles         
143D                Metroline                       Metroline                       1          2010 Euro V diesel double deck
268                   Arriva London North      Metroline                      6          Existing diesel single deck*
H2                    Arriva London North      Metroline                       3          New Euro VI diesel single deck
H3/631             Arriva London North      Metroline                       2          New Euro VI diesel single deck
643                   Metroline                       Metroline                       2          2010 Euro V diesel double deck
* 3 Euro IV built 2009 + 4 Euro V built 2010 (TVR 7).
The above contracts will commence on the following dates:
9th June 2018: Routes 268, H2 & H3/631.
30th June 2018: Routes 143D & 643.

Sunday 1 October

1) 30th September marked the change of operator on route 131 after several decades from London United to London General using a mix of WVL/ WVN/ WHV buses from Merton Garage. The 155 moved from Merton to Stockwell, taking its WHVs with it.   As the first of Garston’s TfL routes to be lost, route 258 passed from Arriva to London Sovereign using ADE=class Enviro400s formerly at Hounslow.  Another eight night routes in London had frequency cuts as a result of the ‘Night Tube’, and many more are in the pipeline for later this year.

Sunday 24 September

1) Plenty of new vehicle deliveries to London with ongoing arrivals of Metroline VWHs and Arriva HVs.   Seven AD E40Hs (12426-32) are imminent for Stagecoach for route 257 from Leyton as are another twelve E20Ds for Abellio, these being 10.5m versions (8220-31) for route R70. Go-Ahead’s StreetLites for  routes 424 and 39 are now complete, and the next batch – this time DF 10.8m versions – are arriving now.  WS 91-103 are for route 355 and WS 104-117 for route 170.
2) Universitybus’  six new E40D/ Enviro400-City buses (250-255) duly entered service on routes 614/644 in the past week.   Five new E20Ds (YX67 UYL/M/N/O/P) are now In use with Courtney at Bracknell, and White Bus at Windsor has the first (YX67 UVO) of what is expected to be four new E20Ds for its new Surrey services  (438, 446/456, 566/567) that are currently worked by hired E200s.  Safeguard now has its second MetroCity (YJ67 FYX).

Wednesday 20 September

On Friday 29 September the will be a special operation of RML2735 on the last day of route 23 to Liverpool Street. See the linked PDF for the full timetable but brief details are as follows:

Trip1:- Westbourne Park Garage 0945, Paddington Station 1018, Marble Arch 1028, Charing Cross Stn 1052, Ludgate Circus 1111, Liverpool Street Bus Stn 1130.
Trip 2:- Liv St Bus Stn 1141, Ludgate Circus 1211, Charing Cross Stn 1229 to Marble Arch 1251.
Trip 3:- Marble Arch 1302, Charing Cross Stn 1328, Ludgate Circus 1348 to Liv St Bus Stn 1407 and finish.

Saturday 16 September

During the past week the new StreetLites (batch WS81-86) have gone into service on the 424 with Go-Ahead at Putney, plus a few more (WS87-90) to complete the allocation of route 39 at Plough Lane. New Arriva HVs continue to arrive at Tottenham for routes 243 and 341. As the latter progresses, DWs are being released for Barking (DX) and more for Grays (GY). Stagecoach are now taking in seven E40Hs (12426-32) as part pf the new contract for route 257 in October.

At Uxbridge from the 16th Metroline took over route 222 from London United. Until the ’dedicated’ batch of VWHs are made ready, VWHs already delivered and intended for Willesden and some already on route 114 at UX are being used. Additionally seven TEs transferred to UX from Potters Bar to make up the numbers will now be seen on route 114. Meanwhile yet more VWHs are being delivered (batch 2345-2432); many arrived with 17 plates but all will be changed to 67s.

Friday 15 September

LBSL intends to enter into new contracts for the following routes with the operators listed below:

Route Current Operator New Operator PVR Vehicles
37 (24h) London Central London Central 19 2011 Euro V diesel double deck
44/N44 London General London General 20 New Euro VI hybrid double deck
77 London General London General 18 New Euro VI hybrid double deck
87/N87 London General London General 22 2013 Euro V hybrid double deck*
171/N171 London Central London Central 25 New Euro VI hybrid double deck
219 London General London General 11 2013 Euro V diesel single deck
337 London General London General 11 2011 Euro V diesel double deck
386 Stagecoach Selkent London Central 11 2011 Euro V diesel single deck
424 London General London General 5 2017 Euro VI diesel single deck
485 London General London General 4 2010 Euro V diesel single deck

* 6 vehicles will be new Euro VI.

The above contracts will commence on the following dates:

7th April 2018: Route 424.
28th April 2018: Route 171/N171.
5th May 2018: Route 485.
26th May 2018: Route 337.
2nd June 2018: Routes 37, 44/N44, 77, 87/N87, 219 & 386.

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Forthcoming events

These events are provided as a service to readers, LOTS has no involvement nor responsibility for any event noted below:

(LSS) =  LOTS Sales Stand booked to attend

These are publicised as a service to the readership; LOTS has neither any involvement nor responsibility for any event noted. We usually confine this listing to events with an expected London bus interest or within easy reach of London. Full national event lists can be found in the April issue each year of 'Buses' magazine and at 

Sunday 22 October:  London Bus Museum Brooklands, ‘Transportfest’ featuring service vehicles.

Saturday 4 November:  The ‘Aldenham Transport Spectacular’ is a replacement for LOTS’ ATS, it is organised by Julian Bowden but LOTS will have sales stands there.  It will be at Allum Hall, just over the bridge from Elstree & Borehamwood Rail Station. The Station (Thameslink trains in TfL fare zone 6) is also served by TfL buses 107, 292, Sullivan 306 and Uno 658.

Saturday 18 November:  NLETE Enfield Transport Bazaar at St Paul’s Centre. Enfield.