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LOTS LBM194 Winter 2020/21 London Bus Magazine (£5)
The main article is 'A return to Hammersmith please - a history of London bus routes 110 & 111 by Colin Stannard and Peter Bradley. Also, 'A modern London enthusiast' by Matthew Wharmby, mainly a photographic item covering the years 1983-1989 but including some photos of 1991. Plus 'Rail Air Links to Feltham Station' by Philip Wallis.

LOTS LBM193 London Bus Magazine Autumn 2020: (£5.00) 
Main articles are
'In Memory of via points' by Colin Fradd with 57 pictures; reminiscences of bus, tram and trolleybus routes serving Clerkenwell in the early 1950s by Nigel Davis, plus 'All change at the London Bus Museum'.

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From Mike Harris, the latest London bus maps:

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From each edition of the series an amount of the price is donated to a charity.  In this case it is to the Firefighters Association.

Also, in the Historical series -
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Latest news 

Monday 10 May

1) LBSL intends to enter into a new contract for the following route with the operator listed below:



Current Operator

New Operator




Tower Transit

London General


Electric single deck


The above contract will commence on the 5th March 2022.

2) London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been relected for a further four years. There are no significant bus news items, see below, item 3 of 1 May for changes that took place on Saturday 8 May.

Saturday 1 May

1) Saturday 1st May saw the changes detailed last week with route 28/N28 moving to RATP with VH45101-123 from Wandsworth  (JE)  Garage and route 69/N69 going to Go-Ahead with new BYD/ADL E400EVs (Ee 50-69) from the new Henley Road (DS) Garage at North Woolwich.  Route 328 went to Metroline, initially using VH38117-136 on loan from Tower Transit, pending availability of their own VWHs;  these have to remain on routes 7/N7 for now, until the hydrogen fuel cell installation at Perivale (PV) Garage can be put into commission. It looks like being several months yet. One other small change was route 315 that transferred from GoAhead to Abellio with 8.9m E20Ds.


2) Go-Ahead’s first two (Me 1,2)  Optare MetroDecker EVs were delivered to Merton on 28th April; seventeen of these are due to take over on route 200 in due course. 


3) Next weekend 8th May  route 463 goes from RATP to Go-Ahead and its 8.8m StreetLites go with it.  Route 481 goes from Abellio to RATP and converts to double-decks (VHs). Route 698 switches within RATP to use VHRs (off the 183), nominally from Harrow Garage.  Also at RATP, three WNs and two more DNs will come in on loan from Tower Transit, plus five E200s on loan from Abellio.  All ten are to boost school-bus journeys variously from HH/FW/TV Garages.

Saturday 24 April

1) Next Saturday 1st May sees two ‘new garages’ into commission in London and three main routes of Tower Transit changing hands.  The 28 goes to RATP who will work it from Wandsworth using VHs that have been stockpiled at Stamford Brook.   The 69 goes to Go-Ahead with new BYD/ E400EVs from the new Henley Road Garage at North Woolwich although it is touch-and-go for the place to be ready.  The 328 passes to Metroline from Cricklewood but to begin with will be run by the same VHs on hire from Tower Transit.  This is because it should be the VWHs off route 7 although they cannot yet be replaced  at Perivale until the installation and testing of the hydrogen fuel-cells can be achieved.        

Saturday 10 April

1) This weekend  marks  the point whereby over the past few weeks more operators in the Country  Areas have reverted to normal services  (e.g. Southdown, Compass, Go Coach, Courtney(TVB) and Central  Connect) or near normal (Metrobus, White Bus, Carousel, the ‘Aylesbury Reds’ and  Arriva in Essex, Herts, Beds and Bucks ). 


2) On 5th April Courtney Coaches was re-named formally to Thames Valley Buses.  The use of the latter fleetname had been extending gradually of late. Parent operator Reading Transport cited the fact that there is no longer any member of the Courtney family involved.     


3) Following a Freedom of Information request concerning Heritage Routemaster route 15(H) it has been admitted by TfL that it will not run again. In any case in 2019 it had been reduced to summer weekend and bank holiday operation while in 2020 and 2021 it was never reintroduced during the Covi-19 virus crisis. The existing route contract has expired and a new tender offer was never renewed. 


4) A reminder  that several routes in north and mid Hertfordshire change hands from Monday 12th (see March TLB). 



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Coming Events

(LSS) =  LOTS Sales Stand booked to attend

These are publicised as a service to the readership; LOTS has neither any involvement nor responsibility for any event noted. Many events have admission fees, I have included them where they have advised, you should check with organisers or websites before attending if costs worry you. We usually confine this listing to events with an expected London bus interest or within easy reach of London. Full national event lists can be found in the April issue each year of ‘Buses’ magazine and at Our website is regularly updated with other events.


All events are subject to any Covid-19 restrictions at the time but the London Bus Museum Brooklands has booked Sundays

27 June and 24 October for its three main events.

Saturday 15 May: The Faversham event is CANCELLED

Bank Holiday Monday, 31 May: Quainton Road (Bucks Railway Centre) Bus rally - please check before travelling.

Sunday 13 June: Luton Festival of Transport at Stockwood Park - please check before travelling

Sunday 27 June: London Bus Museum, Brooklands 'On the buses'. Please check before travelling.

Sunday 18 July:
The Alton Bus Rally and Running Day is CANCELLED

You must check on the event websites or on the full national event list at  

Our website is regularly updated with other events.