Latest Update:  28 November 2020

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Due to the continuing pandemic all LOTS meetings are CANCELLED until further notice

Conway Hall is located at Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL. Nearest Underground station: Holborn (Central and Piccadilly Lines) Buses: 1, 8, 19, 38, 55, 59, 68, 91, 168, 188, 243 & 521 stop nearby. Doors  open  from 6pm. sales stand from 6.30pm, event begins at 7.30 and is finished by 10pm. There is no charge.  Visitors are welcome, especially from other societies or if you buy something or join as a new member. In normal times, meetings are held monthly (except January, July & August).

The London Bus (TLB)

TLB 675 was posted on Tuesday 17 November. The closing date for reports for TLB 676 is Wednesday 2 December and it is due for posting on Tuesday 15th December.

LOTS London Bus Magazine update

LBM 192 was posted on 15 September with TLB 673.  An encouraging response to the Editor’s call for new material has enabled us to plan on the basis of LBM 193 and LBM 194 to be available in November 2020 and January 2021 respectively with normal production resuming from LBM 195 (Spring 2021) in March 2021.  We will confirm these arrangements here (i.e. on our website) and in TLBs in due course.

New and Recent LOTS publications:

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LOTS’ latest publications, available now:

LOTS LBM192 London Bus Magazine Summer 2020: (£5.00)  Main articles are ‘Out with the old’ about LT’s vehicle replacement programme from 1935-39, a ‘London Country Retrospective‘ with b/w photographs, and ‘Royal Ascot in 1970’.LOTS London Bus & Tram Fleetbook 2020. The 32nd edition of our 128-page pocket size Fleetbook, now updated to June 2020. Orders can now be taken by Postal Sales ( £7.00 post free to members, add +15% for postage to UK non-members  or +30% for all overseas orders.   

TLB EXTRA 1955 is now available, same prices as Fleetbook.  An updated full sales list can be printed out by going to the ‘Sales’ tab on this website.
Extra 1954 and Extra 1953  (£7.00 each) also recent issues.

LOTS Review 2019 (£13.00) As ever, this is the original and definitive story of buses in London and the country areas during the last year, fully illustrated with informative captions.

LOTS SUP-39A: (£4.50)   This 56-page booklet encompasses the TfL operators’ fleet and garage allocations from SUP36 and a simplified PVR table from SUP37.  Some features are dropped from 36 (eg. Fleets of non-TfL operators – see Fleetbook and occasional features in TLB) while items like LSP operations from 37 are dropped. The PVR tables are now in route order. It also removes much of the duplication of vehicle type codes, garage codes, and which bit of each group runs what. Current at September 2019

LOTS SUP-24I: (£4.50)   The latest LT Service Vehicles Current fleet. Current at September 2019

TLB Extra – Vehicle news of 1948 to the 1980s:  (£6.50/£7 each year) (80-pages illustrated)

Sales List in TLB670:  Please note on page 2 that Capital Transport books attributed to Mick Webber are incorrect.  ‘London’s 70s Buses’ is by

Matt Wharmby and ‘London’s Country Buses’ is by Kevin McCormack.

From the Sales List, the following are now out of print:

LOTS  TLB Extra 1973.

Grey-Green and Contemporaries (1961 to Arriva years)

(SEC, John Allpress’s) The three Routes Handbooks for 2019 -  Brighton & Hove Buses; First Hampshire & Dorset and Stagecoach South

Recent items from other publishers: 

London Country Vehicle Memories by Julian Bowden & Michael Dryhurst  £16.00 Bowden Publishing  (A4 format)

The London Feltham Tram The Evolution of a Classic Tramcar Design by Peter Waller £25.00 Pen & Sword Books

Croydon Tramlink A Definitive History by Gareth David £30.00 Pen & Sword Books

SEC’s 2020 Update to its 2019 Fleet List and Sussex Independents books, 32pp (£2.50).


Trolleybuses in East Central London. Published by Adam Gordon £30.00. 184 pages –details on website.

Wires above South East London.  (Robert Harley) £25.00 Heathfield Publishing (part of Capital Transport – more details on C/Ts website)

Regional Tramways: London Transport  (Waller) £25.00 Pen & Sword   (includes history, DLR and Croydon Tramlink)


From Mike Harris, the latest London bus maps:

Greater London Bus Map for 15 June 2019 (2) and a Night Bus Map for 15th June 2019 (£4)
From each edition of the series an amount of the price is donated to a charity.  In this case it is to the Firefighters Association.

Also, in the Historical series -
The 1976 Greater London Bus Map, 10th April 1976 - £4.00
The 1952 Greater London Bus Map, 6th July 1952 (Second Edition) - £4.00

Amendment to the Sales List in TLB670:
 Please note on page 2 that Capital Transport books attributed to Mick Webber are incorrect. 

‘London’s 70s Buses’ is by Matt Wharmby and ‘London’s Country Buses’ is by Kevin McCormack.
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Latest news 

Saturday 28 November

1) Tower Transit MetroDeckers up to 34009 are now in stock and most are in service, almost all these days on route C3.  More BYD/ADL E400EVs continue to be  delivered but none are yet in service.


2) Monday 30 November and a new ‘Arriva Click’ demand- responsive operation is to begin, covering the area between Bluewater and Northfleet via Swanscombe and Ebbsfleet.   Four Sprinter minibuses are due to operate.


3) A reminder that next Saturday 5 December will see route R7 go from Selkent to Metrobus and, in a late change, the extension of the 153 from Moorgate to Liverpool Street Bus Station.

Monday 23 November


LBSL intends to enter into new contracts for the following routes with the operators listed below:



Current Operator

New Operator




Abellio London

London United


New electric double deck


London Central

Abellio London


New electric double deck**


London Central

London Central


New electric double deck


Abellio London

Abellio London


Existing hybrid double deck


Arriva London North

Stagecoach Selkent


New electric double deck


London Central

Stagecoach Selkent


New electric & existing hybrid double deck





Existing hybrid double deck

344 (24h)

Abellio London

Abellio London


Existing hybrid double deck


Abellio London

Tower Transit


Existing hybrid double deck


* 24 hr route at weekends only.

** N63 operated by existing hybrids.


All the diesel & hybrid vehicles detailed above will meet Euro VI emissions standards. New electric vehicles may enter service after the contract start date dependent on infrastructure and/ or vehicle delivery timescales.


The above contracts will commence on the following dates:


21st August 2021: Route 344.

4th September 2021: Routes 49.

11th September 2021: Route 156.

18th September 2021: Route 160/660.

2nd October 2021: Routes 132 & 180.

9th October 2021: Route 332.

13th November 2021: Route 63/N63.

20th November 2021: Route 414.


Saturday 21 November

1) The  BYD/ADL E400EVs for Stagecoach are now arriving slowly, both the batches concurrently for Rainham (174) and Barking (173). The E400EV demonstrator (LF69 UXJ) finished its stint at London United after the 13 November and was returned to BYD at Iver.  At Tower Transit, just four MetroDeckers had entered service although it is normally just one (occasionally two) per day in service. Another four are in process of delivery.

Saturday 14 November

1) Although the BYD/E400EV demonstrator  BCE47000 at RATP did  not run for the last week of October, from Monday 9th November it was back on route 71.  Stagecoach  BYD/E400EV 14133 is now at West Ham and at least one other (14130) has followed. Eventually they will enter service elsewhere.


2) Monday 9th November saw the first Optare MetroDecker-EV in service at Tower Transit;  four (OE 34001-04) have been used in the past week, so far all on route 23. Another four (34005-008) have been registered by Optare and should be delivered later this month. 


3) Arriva in north Kent is to withdraw routes 484/485/485A (Bluewater & Ebbsfleet) after 28th November.  From the 30th that will be covered by another ‘Arriva Click’ DRT minibus to restore a service to the Swanscombe area. 


4) Next week on Monday 23rd November Uno Hatfield will take over school routes 692/699 in north London using the early electric d/ds BYD1471-75 formerly with Metroline.



For earlier news read LOTS TLB



Coming Events

(LSS) =  LOTS Sales Stand booked to attend

These are publicised as a service to the readership; LOTS has neither any involvement nor responsibility for any event noted. Many events have admission fees, I have included them where they have advised, you should check with organisers or websites before attending if costs worry you. We usually confine this listing to events with an expected London bus interest or within easy reach of London. Full national event lists can be found in the April issue each year of ‘Buses’ magazine and at Our website is regularly updated with other events.


Events cancelled:

NLETE bazaar at Enfield Barnet (Saturday 5 December)

Ensign vintage bus running day (Saturday 5 December).


You must check on the event websites or on the full national event list at  
Our website is regularly updated with other events.