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Monday 16 December: - Roger French OBE (ex Brighton & Hove Buses) will present 'Extreme Bus Journeys' based on his recent travels around the UK. Roger is a very entertaining speaker and so is the subject, with slides of all sorts of journeys around the UK including some in London.

There is no meeting in January so the first 2020 meeting is on Monday 24 February. 

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Latest news 

Sunday 1 December

1) Delivery to Metroline of the BYD/ADL E400EVs for route 43 is now complete, BDE 2613 being the last to arrive in the past week. Just two (2613 and 2640) remain to enter actual service.  Conversely the Optare MetroDecker EVs are very slow coming with OME 2650-65 is service and fifteen outstanding.  At Go-Ahead and now that the artics are back in use, the two E20Ds  (SE306/7) that were at Luton Airport are now with the rest of the batch on route 364 in east London.  



2) The Aylesbury independents continue to provide much interest.  At Red Rose two E20Ds now have white fronts for routes 50/55 to Wendover/ Halton and Amersham/ Chesham, plus two E20Ds with gold fronts for route 100 to Milton Keynes.    Abellio London’s E200s 8507-15 all went off lease recently and all have been snapped up at Aylesbury with Red Eagle taking three and Z&S six. 

Tuesday 26 November

1) Planned, deferred but then reinstated from 30th November is the switch of Liverpool Street terminals of routes 11/N11 and 344.  The 11/N11, after just seven weeks in the re-opened Bus Station, is rerouted to the Bishopsgate side at Worship Street.  The 344 switches from Worship Street to join the 133 in the Bus Station.  The intention to move the 153 and 214 from Moorgate to the Bus Station will have to wait a few months due to issues with the infrastructure. 


2) Very few new buses are coming to London at present, the SEes for route 100 still a month or two away.  However, all but the two new SEs still at Luton are now at work on route 364.  Abellio begins new route 278 on 7th December and the seven new E400 ‘smart hybrids’ (2006-12) are starting to be delivered; they will be joined by four refurbished E400Hs to make up the 11 needed for the route.  Second hand ex-Metroline E200s are on the way to Tower Transit for part of new route 218 and to HCT for an increased pvr on routes W11 and W19.

Sunday 24 November

Thank to all the owners and operators who contributed to the 15-vehicle (8xRT, 4xRM, 1xRCL, 2xM) ‘heritage bus’ operation over route 140 today (23 Nov).  It was well supported by enthusiasts and very many normal members of the public.  Dull miserable weather with rain most of the day, a lot of congestion, bus lanes blocked and a long diversion in Hayes all contributed to many journeys to be a good x30mins late. 

Thursday 14 November

LBSL intends to enter into new contracts for the following routes with the operators listed below:



Current Operator

New Operator




Tower Transit

Tower Transit


New electric double deck


London Sovereign



New & existing hybrid double deck



Arriva London South


New hybrid double deck


Arriva London South

Arriva London South


New electric double deck





Existing diesel single deck


London Sovereign

London Sovereign


Existing diesel single deck



Arriva London South


New hybrid double deck


Arriva London South

Arriva London South


Existing diesel double deck


Abellio London

Tower Transit


New electric double deck



London Sovereign


Existing hybrid double deck





Existing hybrid double deck


* 24 hour route (319 weekends only).

** Night only routes using buses sourced from day routes.


All diesel & hybrid vehicles will meet Euro VI emissions standards.


The above contracts will commence on the following dates:


25th July 2020: Routes 23, 326, N5 & N20.

29th August 2020: Route 139, 405 & 466.

12th September 2020: Route 319.

19th September 2020: Route 202.

3rd October 2020: Route C3,

24th October 2020: Route 324.


Electric vehicles may enter service later than these dates owing to infrastructure delivery timescales.

Wednesday 13 November

1) Wrightbus is back In business  under its new Bamford Bus Company owner, as it has just begun to deliver the 55-vehicle StreetDeck order to First in Leeds.  These were ‘in build’ when the company had gone into administration in September. 

2) Reading Transport began a new service (459) on  4th November between Heathrow T5 and Iver using a green electric Optare Solo on Mon-Fri until 20th December. Initially it is running free of charge. 


3) The demand responsive trial, named ‘Slide’ began in Ealing on Wednesday 13th using ten MAN TGE minibuses.


4) Although it was a slow start, 22 of the 32 ex-Stagecoach HVs are now service at Arriva Palmers Green on routes 34 and 102.

Sunday 10 November

1) The five operator changes this week went ahead as planned  with the 24, 27 and 267 passing to Abellio with the same LTs, the 34 to Arriva using HVs, some of them former Stagecoach examples and the 192 with new Arriva E20Ds replacing Go-Ahead Streetlites.  Go-Ahead’s new E20Ds (SE 304-319) are still not in use on the 364, although two are helping out at present at Luton Airport on the service from the Station


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Coming Events

(LSS) =  LOTS Sales Stand booked to attend
These are publicised as a service to the readership; LOTS has neither any involvement nor responsibility for any event noted. Many events have admission fees, I have included them where they have advised, you should check with organisers or websites before attending if costs worry you. We usually confine this listing to events with an expected London bus interest or within easy reach of London. Full national event lists can be found in the April issue each year of ‘Buses’ magazine and at Our website is regularly updated with other events.

Saturday 7 December:  Ensignbus Running Day

Sunday 8 December:  Bromley mini runnng day on route 162 and others.

Christmas Day 25 December:  Vintage bus operation on route 430.

Wednesday 1 January: Oxford Bus Museum, local bus services from Long Hanborough with museum buses.

Wednesday 1 January: King Alfred mini running day (4 buses) at Winchester Broadway.

Sunday 23 February: LCBS 50 years anniversary event at Epping Ongar Railway, North Weald.