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All LOTS Meetings are CANCELLED until 28 September. Conway Hall is closed. The bus rides evening on 20 July is also CANCELLED

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All LOTS meetings are CANCELLED until 28 September. Conway Hall is closed.
bus rides evening on 20 July is also CANCELLED

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LOTS SUP-24I: (£4.50)   The latest LT Service Vehicles Current fleet.

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Greater London Bus Map for 15 June 2019 (2) and a Night Bus Map for 15th June 2019 (£4)
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Latest news 

Sunday 5 July

1) In London reversion to front door boarding is almost completed, the last few routes being at Sutton and on some routes with non-standard types causing difficulty with fitment of drivers’ protection  screens.   The conversion back to normal Mon-Fri schedules in London proceeds with another list of routes each weekend.  In the Country areas the main activity lately has been restoration of Saturday services (those had been more severely cut than Mon-Fri). Towns such as Stevenage and High Wycombe have benefitted from this and next weekends.  


2) In London delivery of new buses has now dried up once the stragglers of buses part-completed had arrived.  As of now, those outstanding are Abellio E40Ds (2031-53), Stagecoach E40Ds (11376-99) and RATP E20Ds SDE20303-15) . It has resulted in hires and transfers plus older vehicles in use on routes 270, 285, 425 and K1.  Another handful of Ee buses at Go-Ahead are in service at NP, leaving just two (Ee 48-49) to come.


3) The London sightseeing operators are starting to return, albeit in a very limited way to begin.  Between 4th and 11th July OLST, Big Bus, Golden Tours and some of the ‘specialist’ operations (e.g.  Brigit’s) are back.

Sunday 28 June

1) The changes in SW London on 27 June went ahead although some planned vehicle moves were changed.  Route 71 took its SPs with from Tolworth to Fulwell  and the swap of buses between Abellio and RATP on the K1 and 285 took place as planned, topped up with older buses.  The new E20Ds for K1 and E40DS for 285 are still awaited and unlikely to arrive before August.   


2) 27 June also marked the start of Caetano electric operation on route C10 as well as the P5.   Currently HCT Group has the BYD/E400EV demonstrator LF69UXJ and it is now in use on route 20 where it should stay for about two weeks.     

Saturday 20 June (item 1 updated 2 July)

1) Go-Ahead took over route 230 from Arriva on 20th June although there are still several E400EVs to come; in consequence route 357 remains with diesel WVL/WVN buses.   Metroline’s OME2678 has been used from NP Garage on route 212 in comparison with the BYD/ADL E400EVs but is now at Merton for further evaluation. After a few days of evaluation at Merton, albeit not In service, it returned to route 212 from NP Garage. It was back at Potters Bar by 30 June, in service on route 134 on 1 July (updated item).


2) The other event on 20 June was the introduction of BYD/ADL E200EVs on Stagecoach route 323.  Next weekend’s change of operator on routes 285 and K1 will see ten RATP ADEs loaned to Abellio for the 285 and ten Abellio E20Ds loaned to RATP for the K1.

Sunday 14 June

1) Many more London routes have returned to normal schedules, in stages each Saturday from mid-May with another 150 or so during June.  The transition on TfL buses to restore front door boarding  - and thus payment of fares – began on 30 May and the process is almost completed.   Prominent notices are now on London buses to restrict total passenger loads, to 20 (d/d), 10 (s/d) or 7 (small s/d) buses, in an attempt to achieve ‘social distancing’.   When the limit seems to be reached a board in the windscreen ‘BUS FULL’ will be shown. Drivers have a limited discretion to exceed the totals for such as  ‘same households’.   From Monday 15 June face coverings MUST be worn on all public transport. Also from Monday 15 June there is a restriction with no free travel allowed between 04:30 and 09:00 on Mon-Fri on TfL services for holders of London Elderly Persons’ Freedom Passes, the 60-Plus Card and ENCTS passes.


2) Numerous Country Area routes were restored to full (or nearly full) services on Mon-Fri  from Monday 1st June as already noted here, but more have followed from Monday 8th :  NIBS 21/31/81 at Brentwood, Red Rose 100 in Bucks, Metroline 84/305/PB1, Sullivan 306 and the main UNO network 601, 602, 341/641, 614, 635 and 653.  In general, reduced Saturday schedules  remain unchanged for now.   From 15 June Metrobus routes 10/100/200 return to North Terminal at Gatwick; it had been closed since 31 March due to lack of airline flights.   


3) 13th June marked the first day when the second batch of Caetano electrics at Abellio entered service and is also the first day of a full allocation of the type on route P5 although not yet on the C10.

Monday 8th June


LBSL intends to enter into new contracts for the following routes with the operators listed below:



Current Operator

New Operator







Existing diesel single deck


Arriva London North

London General


New electric single deck*


Arriva London North

Arriva London North


Existing diesel double deck


Abellio London

Abellio London


Existing diesel single deck


Arriva London North

London Central


Existing diesel single deck


Abellio London

London Central


New electric single deck


Arriva London North

Arriva London North


Existing diesel double deck


London General

HCT Group


New electric double deck**


Arriva London North

London Central


Existing diesel single deck


* One vehicle is an existing hybrid double deck.


** Operationally exchanged with 2 existing hybrids from route 20.


All the diesel & hybrid vehicles detailed above will meet Euro VI emissions standards.


The above contracts will commence on the following dates:


23rd January 2021: Routes 229, 469, 492 & B12.

6th February 2021: Routes 184 & 616.

20th March 2021: Routes 162, 367 & 484.


In addition, it is confirmed that Route 200, the award of which to London General was announced on 23rd April 2020 for commencement on 20th February 2021, will now be operated by new electric double deck vehicles.


In all cases, new electric vehicles may enter service later than these dates owing to infrastructure and/ or vehicle delivery timescales.


For earlier news read LOTS TLB


Coming Events

(LSS) =  LOTS Sales Stand booked to attend

These are publicised as a service to the readership; LOTS has neither any involvement nor responsibility for any event noted. Many events have admission fees, I have included them where they have advised, you should check with organisers or websites before attending if costs worry you. We usually confine this listing to events with an expected London bus interest or within easy reach of London. Full national event lists can be found in the April issue each year of ‘Buses’ magazine and at Our website is regularly updated with other events.


Saturday 15 August:
The annual Imber event near Warminster. CANCELLED

Two Garage Open Days from Metroline: on Saturday 18 July at Potters Bar (POSTPONED) and on

Saturday 12 September
at Harrow Weald. Both mark a 90 years anniversary.

The London Bus Museum rally planned for Sunday 13 September has now been postponed until Sunday 18 October