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Covering all operators in the former London Country area. This  section is set out in adjacent geographical areas anti-clockwise around London, and covers all local bus  services  of  all operators running outside the Greater London County, but within the  traditional LT/LCBS "London  Country" area.   It  is bounded roughly by a line joining Tilbury, Brentwood, Harlow, Bishop's  Stortford,  Hitchin,  Luton,  Aylesbury,  High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Windsor, Woking, Guildford, Horsham, Crawley,  East  Grinstead, Sevenoaks, Wrotham and Gravesend. Cross-boundary services to or from Greater London are covered  both in  this and the GL Routes section.  Exceptionally, we will on occasions give briefer details of route changes  outside the country area where they are operated by companies from within the area.

West and South ESSEX 

Sunday 23rd August:  See Herts notes below for ‘Trustybus to Centrebus’ services.  Routes 354, 700 and C3 run into Essex.  Formal route registrations by Centrebus applied from 1st Sept.

Tuesday 1st September  (additional to TLB540)
7        (BS & Stansted Airport via Elsenham, M-S)  This revised service described in TLB540 was contracted to Centrebus as stated.  However, the takeover of Galleon Travel by Centrebus one week earlier meant that, in practice, the route is operated by the ‘Trustybus’ element of Centrebus.
                  Additionally, a last minute change to the routeing occurred.  The former Mon-Fri offpeak 7A to Bentfield Green was to have been withdrawn.  There were objections to this, and so four journeys in each direction on the ‘new’ 7 divert in Stansted Mountfitchet to run a loop around Bentfield Green as 7A.  However, in order to maintain the overall running time, these journeys now omit the 7’s double-run in Henham to Woodend Green.  [Bentfield Green’s gain is Woodend Green’s loss!.  Apparently the late change is subject to review after an initial period].  
302  (First Essex)(Bishop’s Stortford & Saffron Walden, SDO) Deviation via Audley End withdrawn.
317  (Excel)  Correcting TLB540, this service (Elsenham & Bishop’s Stortford via Broxted and Takeley, M-F peaks) has had its contract extended beyond September to at least December.
319  (see TLB540) Following the takeover of Galleon Travel by Centrebus, now operated by the ‘Trustybus’ element of the Centrebus group.

Additionally, Regal Busways has registered timetable changes to its school contract services to Epping:  652 from North Weald, 654 from Ongar and 655/656 from Abridge. No change to 653 from Broadley Green or 655 from Chigwell Row and Grange Hill, plus a new 659 from Stanford Rivers.   Regal also operate (with no change) to various schools and colleges in the Brentwood area from High Ongar and Blackmore (475),  Stanford Rivers and Navestock Side (476),  Ongar and Doddinghurst (657), Ongar, Blackmore and Kelvedon Hatch (658).  

Saturday 5th September
80       (Hunny)(Kelvedon Hatch & Sawyers Hall College, M-F) Withdrawn.  It was advertised as “Mon to Fri” although presumably it actually ran only on college days until the end of the July term.
NWF (Hunny)(Epping & Harlow, M-S)   Last day of operation.

Monday 7th September
2/3   (Arriva EH&E) (Harlow & Staple Tye circulars, M-S)  Minor timing changes in evenings.
X80 (Ensign Bus)(Chafford Hundred & Bluewater, Daily) Sunday service withdrawn (after 6th).

Monday 14th September
7/7A/7B  (Regal Busways)(Chelmsford & Harlow via Epping, M-F) Very minor timing adjustments.


Diversion in St Albans:  The junction of Station Way and Hatfield Road was closed from 10th August (and ongoing in early September),  causing all buses serving City Station to and from the east to run instead via Stanhope Road and Grimston Road.

Diversion at Croxley:    During mid-August (at last) Sarratt Road was closed, causing the 352 and Bucks Hill journeys on R4 to make an very lengthy diversion between Croxley Green and Sarratt, via Rickmansworth by-pass, A404 and Solesbridge Lane. Although the R4 is usually Vario operated anyway, the 352 had to use Mercs and MetroRiders only due to widths on Solesbridge Lane.

Monday 17th August  (additional to TLB539)
T2       (Woottens Tiger Line) This new service (Watford & Hemel, M-F) also deviates in Watford as per Arriva 500, i.e. via Stratford Way, Cassiobury Drive and Langley Way.

Sunday 23rd August
This was the formal date when operations of Galleon Travel Ltd (t/a Trustybus) transferred to Centrebus Ltd.  Although vehicle ownership changed then, it was 1st September before new route registrations in Centrebus’ name were able to be lodged.    The route list is as follows:

242      Waltham Cross & Potters Bar or Hammond Street (Sundays). No change Metroline & Sullivan.
302      Welwyn Garden City & Potters Bar (Sundays).
311      Waltham Cross & Hertford, Sele Farm (M-S evenings and Sundays).  No change Arriva EH&E.
351      Hertford & Bishop’s Stortford (Mon-Sat).
354      Buntingford & Harlow (Mon-Fri).  No change to Myall’s on Saturdays.
379      Hertford & Stevenage (Mon-Sat).
388      Hertford & Welwyn Garden City (Mon-Sat).
395      Sele Farm & Fanham Common via Hertford & Ware (M-S evenings). No change Arriva/G.Boy
700      Stevenage & Stansted Airport (Daily).
C1        Cheshunt & Cuffley (Mon-Sat)
C2        Waltham Cross & Cheshunt, Brookfield Centre (Mon-Sat).
C3        Waltham Cross & Harlow (Mon-Sat).
C4        Waltham Cross & Cheshunt, Brookfield Centre (Sundays).

Monday 24th August
M1/2/3/4/5 (Golden Boy) (Ware locals) Minor timing changes, with Schoolday projections added to Chauncey School on M3 (am), M2/M4 (pm). 

Tuesday 1st September:  (or first appropriate schoolday)
5,7/7A,301,302,317,318,319  See Essex notes in TLB540 and notes above for changes to Bishop’s Stortford area services.
9,10,19,19A,24,25,26,27,29 – Luton changes as in TLB540.
12A     (AtS)  This evening service in Luton is NOT withdrawn.  The Centrebus 19A extra evening service is additional to it, even though it covers much of the same araa.
202           (Grant Palmer) (Dunstable & Harpenden, M-F)  Minor timing changes (afternoon).
387           (Red Rose)(Aldbury & Tring, New Mill, M-S)  Minor timing changes (am peak and schooltime)
392           (Harlow Town Stn & Hoddesdon Rye Park, M-S)  From Excel to Travel with Hunny.
R4             (Z&S) (Chorleywood & Rickmansworth, M-S) Minor timing change (SDO afternoon).

Numerous HertsCC school routes were re-tendered, those altered are listed below.
836/7/8, 846/7/9, 851/2/3/8    All school routes serving St Clement Danes School at Chorleywood had revised timings to suit new standard finishing times on all schooldays.
809    (Excel)  Sheering & Sawbridgeworth.   Withdrawn.
811    Elstree & Watford, Boys’ Grammar School.  Journeys altered to also serve the Girls’ Grammar School (replacing 812).  From South Mimms Travel to Peter Reynolds.
812    (South Mimms Travel)  Elstree & Watford, Girls’ Grammar School.    Withdrawn.
814    North Watford & Kings Langley School. Retained by AtS with minor a.m. timing change.
815    North Watford & Kings Langley School.  From AtS to Mullany’s
820    (uno)(Woodhall Farm Estate & Adeyfield School, SDO)  Withdrawn.
846    (Peter Reynolds) Bushey & St Clement Danes School.    Altered from HertsCC to commercial.
851    Bovingdon & St Clement Danes School. From AtS to Red Line.  Now omits the call at Sarratt, being rerouted via Long Lane and Venus Hill.
852    Abbots Langley & St Clement Danes School. From Red Rose to Lane’s Coaches.
853    (Red Line) (Bovingdon & St Clement Danes School)  Present routeing via Bovingdon, Flaunden and Chenies withdrawn, and altered to start from Chipperfield via Belsize, Sarratt and Solesbridge Lane instead (in the process, replaces the Sarratt call of the 851).
860    Abbots Langley & St Albans, Loreto College.  From AtS to Mullany’s. Withdrawn via Meriden.
861    Elstree & New Greens, Townsend School.  From AtS to South Mimms Travel.
863    (Centrebus) Pin Green & Stevenage schools. Timetable change. Projected in north Stevenage from Corey’s Mill to North Road, Franklins Road.
865    (Lane’s Coaches) Dudswell & Berkhamsted Schools.    Withdrawn.
872    (Centrebus)(Letchworth schools) Curtailed in Letchworth back from Wilbury Hills to start at Grange Road, Orchard Way.
874    (Centrebus)(Letchworth, Jackmans Estate & Highfield School)  Withdrawn.
896    Borehamwood & Bushey. Queens School. From South Mimms Travel to AtS.
951    (Golden Boy Coaches) Bishops’ Stortford &  Ware College.  Withdrawn (last day was 26 June).
PS4    (Mullany’s)(Carpenders Park Stn & Garston, Parmiter’s School, SDO)  Withdrawn.
PS6    (Mullany’s)(Radlett & Parmiter’s School, SDO)  Rerouted in Watford via St Albans Road, Langley Road, Nascot Wood Road, Courtlands Drive, Nascot Wood Road.
PS7    (Mullany’s)(Bushey Heath & Parmiter’s School, SDO)   Operation via Huntonbridge Roundabout instead of Courtlands Drive (see PS6).   Rerouted between Bushey Arches and Watford Centre via Carpenders Park Station, Brookdene Avenue, Eastbury Road, Wiggenhall Road. (repl. PS4). 

Saturday 5th September
84       (Metroline)(New Barnet & St Albans, Daily)  General timing revision, mostly with a few minutes added to running time at peak and school times.

Monday 7th September:  94/194,336,T1 Changes within Bucks -  See Bucks notes below.

Monday 21st September
T2       (Woottens Tiger Line)(Chesham & Watford, M-F)  Chesham peak-time journeys retimed. 

Tuesday 22nd September
1, 5, 8 (AtS)(Watford locals) Adjustments to certain M-F a.m peak and afternoon journeys, basically to give an additional morning peak bus on the 1 from South Oxhey to Watford.

Saturday 26th September
502    (Little Jim’s Buses)(Northchurch & Hemel Hempstead, M-S) Revised timetable throughout.  The Mon-Fri morning peak and the Thursday and Saturday afternoon projections from Northchurch to Tring withdrawn, leaving just one Tuesday afternoon journey.  On Mon-Fri, instead of service finishing at 1628, it now runs on until 1822, and on Sats from 1508 to 1606.  In Berkhamsted, buses toward Northchurch to operate via Queens Road (return via Cross Oak Road as now).

Monday 28th September
This is when the Hatfield University complex resumes its autumn term, and the opening of the new Bus Station at the College Lane Main Campus, adjacent to the new ‘Student Forum’ building.  All unô bus routes to the Campus will be diverted to serve the new facility.  In view of the increased range of facilities that will be available at the new Forum complex, it has been agreed that additional late night buses will be operated on several routes.  All below are operated by Universitybus (uno)

Day Shuttle (Park and Ride site - College Lane Forum- deHavilland Campus) Also to run on Sats and Suns between the Forum, deHavilland Campus and Parkhouse Bus Station only.
Night Shuttle:  New service:  College Lane Forum- deHavilland Campus- Salisbury Village- Parkhouse- Galleria- College Lane Forum):  Operates from 22:00 until 03:30 on Tuesday to Sunday mornings,  and to 01:30 on Monday mornings.
601           (St Albans & Welwyn Garden City, M-F): An additional journey at 07:58 from W G City to cater for the large number of Oaklands College Students. Late afternoon timing changes.
602           (Hatfield & Watford, Daily): The 07:22 (M-F) journey from Shenley to Hatfield to commence from Watford at 06:40. Additional late evening journeys every 30mins between St Albans and Hatfield, plus an hourly late evening service through to Welwyn Garden City.
603    (Hatfield & WG City, M-S): Additional early morning journeys between South Hatfield and the Business Park.
614    (Hatfield & Queensbury, M-S): Minor timing revisions to some peak hour journeys to improve reliability.  On Wed, Thurs and Fri nights, additional late night buses will operate between Hatfield (Forum) at 22:21, 23:21 and 00:21 direct via the A1 to Apex Corner then to Edgware.
620  (Hatfield & Redbourn, M-S, plus M-F jnys to Hemel): The 13:48 journey from Hatfield to Harpenden is revised to operate though to Redbourn on SDO as well as NSD. On Saturdays an additional journey at 07:53 from Wheathampstead to Hatfield.
632   (Hatfield & Watford, M-F): Minor timing changes.
634   (Stevenage & Hemel Hempstead, M-F): Minor timing changes.  Additional late night buses from Forum to Stevenage on Wed, Thurs and Fri nights.
635 (Stevenage & Hitchin, M-F) minor timing changes.
636  (Hatfield & Luton and Leagrave, M-F)  Rerouted via Wheathampstead High Street and Marford Road instead of via the by-pass road.
655  (Hatfield & Borehamwood. M-S) Additional journeys at 08:50 Borehamwood to Hatfield, 16:35 Hatfield to Borehamwood
S7    (Tyttenhanger & Firbank Road, M-S) The odd morning journey that deviated to Marshalwick is rerouted to Firbank Road in line with the main service.
S9    (St Albans, Verulam Estate & Marshalswick, M-S) Substantial change so as to restore a bus service to the Charmouth Road area.  Service revised as S8/S9,  from Verulam Estate via City Centre as now to Sandpit Lane (west), then alternately worked as a circular, S8 clockwise via Charmouth Road, Marshalls Drive (west), Marshalswick Lane (west), The Ridgeway, then the present loop terminal working at Skyswood Road back to The Ridgeway,  Marshalswick Lane (east), Sandpit Lane(central section) and return to Verulam.  S9 in reverse direction.   The school journeys to Sandringham School further along The Ridgeway are now S9(am), S8(pm).

And a few advance items in brief – fuller details in due course:
Wed.14th Oct: 721  (Mullany’s) New on Weds: Abbots Langley via Meriden to St Albans & L/Colney.
Mon.26th Oct:  300/301 (AtS) (Stevenage & Hemel)  General timetable revision.
12/12A/13/14  (AtS)  Revisions to these East Luton local services.
Sat. 31st Oct:  SW1/2/3 (Arriva EH&E) (Sawbridgeworth locals,M-S ) Withdrawn after Fri.30th.
Mon.2nd Nov:  318 (Mullany’s)(Abbots Langley & Watford, M-S)  Timetable revision.


Monday 17th August:   T2 (Tiger Line) See Herts notes above for change in Watford.

Saturday 29th August
152    (First Berkshire) (Wokingham & Winkfield, M-S)  In the east of Wokingham, rerouted off the London Road via Bean Oak Road and Plough Lane.
190    (First Berkshire) (Bracknell & Reading, M-S)  Start of gradual conversion to double-deck, and in consequence withdrawn from Bean Oak Road and Plough Lane, operating instead via London Road to the Norreys Estate in Wokingham.  No change to Courtney Coaches Sunday service.

Monday 7th September
Although the rural route changes were recorded in TLB 539, there has been a number of late alterations and many additions. For clarity, the whole programme is repeated below. 

3         (Jason’s) (Chesham Broadway & Great Hivings, M-F offpeak)  Withdrawn (see 78).
4         (Carousel)(High Wycombe & Chesham, Pond Park, Daily) Withdrawn between Chesham Broadway and Pond Park Estate.  Extended instead on Mon-Sat via Cameron Road, Hilltop Estate, Codmore Cross to Ley Hill, thus these locations gain a x30min service (it was formerly hourly on 373).  Note that the Mon-Sat service continues to run via Stanley Hill in Amersham but on Sundays via Station Road. 
4         (Red Line) The evening (Daily) service renumbered 52. 
32       (AtS) (Micklefield & Lane End, Daily)  General timing revision, although the section from Booker to Lane End is now not served Mon-Fri between about 1500-1700 and is reduced on Saturdays after 1500.
49/94       (AtS)(Chesham & Cholesbury, M-S, with certain Weds and M-F pm peak jnys to or from Tring)  A reduced weekday service transferred to Red Line as 149/194.   Saturday service to Carousel as 149/194. The Saturday projections to Chessmount and Chesham Moor not replaced in the revised 149/194 pattern,  but partly replaced by new 73.
52       No change to main Arriva 52 (High Wycombe- Chesham- Hemel Hempstead).
            A Daily evening service operates by Red Line, being the former route 4 journeys renumbered without any change to times or routeings.  Thus: Mon-Sat evenings (approx. 20:20 to 23:00) High Wycombe via Hazlemere, Holmer Green, Penn Street, Winchmore Hill, Amersham Hospital, Old Amersham, Station Road, Amersham Station, Chesham Broadway to Pond Park.  The Sunday evening service runs approx. 17:20 to 20:00, as above except that it does not serve Penn Street and Winchmore Hill.
59       (AtS)(Chesham & Great Missenden, Tu/W/Th/Sat plus a SDO facility, extended Tu/Th back to Amersham and Chesham). The weekday journeys to Red Line,  and.Saturday service to Carousel - all renumbered to 177.
59       (Jason’s) (Chesham Broadway & Chartridge, M-F offpeak) Withdrawn (see Red Line 77).
71       (Carousel) New route, Mon-Fri:  Chesham Broadway, via Chessmount (Rose Drive), Bois Moor Road, Chesham Bois (Anne’s Corner), Chestnut Lane, New Road, Quill Hall Estate (Grove Road), back via Plantation Road to Amersham Town and Station, then Woodside Road to Little Chalfont (Elizabeth Avenue loop).  Certain journeys deviate via Stanley Hill Schools.
                  An additional service has been added to the 71 number, although it doesn’t really have much to do with the 71 as such.   It replaces Jason’s 392.    One return SDO journey:  Latimer, The Grove via Latimer village, Chenies and Chalfont Station to Stanley Hill Schools.
72       (Red Line) Former 372, but with just one Mon-Fri journey: 0920 from Penn Street via Winchmore Hill, Old Amersham and Station, then extended via the main road to Chesham Broadway.  [The return facility is now possible by 73].
73       (Carousel) New route, Mon-Sat [Please note that the 73 runs M-S, although the partner route 71 only runs M-F]:  Chesham Broadway, as 71 above to Amersham Station, then via Woodside Road, Hundred Acres Lane, Old Amersham (Gore Hill), Coleshill (Magpie Lane). Extended on Mon-Fri (but not on Sats) to Winchmore Hill and Penn Street.
77/78/79     (Red Line) New Mon-Fri daytime offpeak local services in Chesham, with the single bus doing each route in turn.   From Chesham Broadway to Chartridge (77), to Great Hivings (78) and to Poles Hill (79).     However, Carousel now run additional Mon-Fri journeys:
77:  0738 Chartridge to Chesham Broadway, 1750 Chesham Broadway to Chartridge.
79:  1425 Chesham Broadway to Poles Hill and back.     
149,177,194  (Red Line) New route numbers to replace 49, 94 and part of 59.  From the Mon-Fri 49/94 service, it was reduced to a morning Tue & Thur 149 and an afternoon Tue & Thur 194, plus a Wednesday 194 to and from Tring.   The SDO/peak 49/94 journeys were not replaced although there is just one SDO afternoon 194 from Tring to Chesham (but no morning equivalent journey!)
149,177,194 (Carousel)   Although the former Saturday services (as 49/59/94) were to be withdrawn without replacement, a late change is that a limited Saturday service is restored, operated by Carousel, although the Chesham Moor/ Chessmount journeys are not replaced.   Saturday service now consists of one morning 149 and one afternoon 194; the 177 one round trip Great Missenden & Chesham plus two short workings Chartridge & Chesham.
190    (Red Line) New number for former 360, with no change to days or times.
336    (Carousel) (Amersham & Chesham & Watford, M-S)  Withdrawn between Amersham and Chesham.  Restructured to operate hourly Mon-Sat from High Wycombe via the A40 to Beaconsfield, then Station Road, Maxwell Road, A355, Amersham Hospital and Old Amersham Broadway, Station Road, Amersham Station, Woodside Road, Chalfont Station, then direct to Chorleywood Station  (i.e. withdrawn from the deviation through Chenies Village),  then certain journeys via Cedars Village, then Rickmansworth and Croxley to Watford Town Centre.   The odd M-F peak journeys that projected to Watford Junction cut back to Town Centre.
360    (AtS) (Chesham Bdy & Hyde Heath,Tu/Th)  Having been renumbered (from 60) only on 24th February 2009, this is transferred to Red Line and renumbered again, to 190.
372    (Red Line) (Penn Street & Amersham, M-F) Renumbered 72 and extended to Chesham Broadway.
373    (Carousel)(Amersham & Ley Hill via Chesham Bois, M-S) and
374    (Carousel)(Amersham & Little Chalfont, M-F) and
375    (Carousel)(Amersham & Beaconsfield, M-S) and
379    (Carousel)(Amersham & Poles Hill via Chesham Moor, M-F)  This complex interworked group of four route numbers were withdrawn (see 4, 71, 73, 79, 336).  The section into Chesham Moor, Cresswell Road on 373/379 is abandoned.
392    (Jason’s)(Latimer & Amersham Schools, SDO) Withdrawn (covered by new 71). The College journeys between Newland Park College and Amersham also ceased after the July term and are not replaced.
T1       (Woottens Tiger Line)(Hemel & Aylesbury, M-F)  Diverted at Stoke Mandeville Hospital to also serve the Ambulance Station.
Saturday 12th September
305    (AtS)(High Wycombe & Uxbridge, M-S) The Saturday-only deviation via Newland Park College withdrawn. The College is now closed and is being demolished!   Saturday journeys now run as per the Mon-Fri route.

Saturday 19th September
1A/1B, 2, 8, 75  (First Berks) (Slough area services) Minor timing adjustments.
3         (First Berkshire) (Wexham Park Hospital & Farnham Road, Daily, to Trading Estate, M-S)  To operate to Trading Estate Daily, then extended Daily back to Slough Bus Station via Dover Road, Cippenham Lane, Telford Drive (west), ASDA, Telford Drive (east), and Chalvey.
335    (Slough & Newland Park, M-S)  Operation transferred from First Berkshire to Red Line.   Withdrawn between Chalfont Common Post Office and Newland Park College (and also withdrawn from the Saturday projection to Chalfont & Latimer Station.   In Slough, all Red Line service runs via Broadmark Road, Uxbridge Road and Church Lane (Wexham), the odd journeys that operated direct along Wexham Road by First no longer operate that way.

Monday 21st September
701    (First Berkshire) (Bracknell & London, M-F peaks) Instead of starting at Bracknell Bus Station and running via the southern estates, operation altered so that they will start in the estates (starting at Great Hollands), calling at the Bus Station last, before going to London..
T2       (Woottens Tiger Line)(Chesham & Watford, M-F) M-F peak jnys from/to Chesham re-timed.

Monday 28th September
A30   (Carousel Buses) New Mon-Sat hourly service: Chesham Broadway via Amersham Station, Stanley Hill, Chalfont St Peter, Gold Hill, Gerrards Cross (Station and Packhorse), Denham, Uxbridge and as A40 to Heathrow Central.
A40   (Carousel Buses)(High Wycombe & Heathrow Central, Daily)  Earlier and later journeys through to Heathrow on all days.  Sunday service increased from x90 or x120 to a regular x60min service.
The combined A30/A40/740 provide a co-ordinated half-hourly service through to Heathrow; each A30 arrival there returns as an A40 and vice-versa.
740    (Carousel Buses) New Mon-Fri hourly and Sunday two-hourly service (No Saturday operation) between High Wycombe and Uxbridge, operating like route A40 except in Beaconsfield where it diverts via Station Road, Maxwell Road and Amersham Road.   Certain early morning and evening journeys are projected from Uxbridge to Heathrow via the A40.

SURREY and adjacent areas of EAST & WEST SUSSEX

Monday 13th July
891    (P&R Coaches of Mitcham) A contract service now available for public use, only for travel to and from L&G.  Mon-Fri peaks only between Sutton Station (The Quadrant) (0735, 0832) and Lower Kingswood (Legal & General Offices) via Belmont Station and the A217. (return 1615, 1715).

Tuesday 1st September:  (additional to TLB540)
52       (Compass Bus) (Horsham & Rusper circular, Mon & Thur)  Between Roffey Corner and Faygate, rerouted via Colgate village.
63       (Arriva G&WS) (Guildford & Horsham, M-S) Additional M-F morning round-trip Cranleigh- Horsham- Oakhill.
74/75/76, 100/101  (Compass Bus) (various routes from the south into Horsham) Very minor timing adjustments to certain peak journeys.  No change to frequencies or Horsham departure times.
97       (Countryliner) New route, Mon-Fri daytime offpeak (approx 0915-1445):  Woking Station, via Brewery Road, Church Hill, Horsell High Street, Bullbeggars Lane, Goldsworth Park (Waitrose), Clifton Way, then one way loop via Robin Hood Road, Beechwood Road, Inkerman Road, Hermitage Road, Amstel Way, Clifton Way and back to Woking.
676    (Walton-on-the-Hill & Leatherhead Schools, SDO) In a late change to info in TLB540, this service passed from Countryliner to ATBus (not to Sunray Travel).

Saturday 5th September
451, 461 (Travel Surrey) (Kingston & Staines, M-S) Minor timing adjustments (with up to ten minutes extra running time) to certain Mon-Fri peak hour journeys. 

Monday 7th September
50, 433  Proposed change to Buses4U services cancelled, or at least deferred.
70       (Compass Bus)  New route in Horsham as in TLB540.
1,2,3  (Compass Bus) (Horley Town Bus) Increased from Tue/Thur/Fri to all Mon to Fri.   The three complex loop workings as routes 1, 2 and 3 altered to be a continuous series of loops with one number – 123.    The Wheatfield Way loop (NE of the town) no longer served.  Now operates from Balcombe Road, Meadowcroft via Station/ Waitrose, the south-west area (Upfield and Oldfield), Hookwood Tesco, Massetts Road, Town Centre (Library), then the present anti-clockwise loop through Horley Row, Meath Green, Court Lodge back to the Library, Hookwood Tesco, back through Oldfield and Upfield to Station and Balcombe Road.

Monday 21st September
98       (Countryliner) New route Mon-Fri daytime offpeak (0900-1630), Dorking town service:   Chart Downs, via Deepdene Avenue, Goodwyns (loop round estate), Flint Hill, deviation to Dorking  Hospital, High Street to Dorking Station,  then a one-way loop via Ashcombe Road, Ranmore Road (Dorking West Station), High Street to Station, then back via High Street, Hospital, Goodwyns to Chart Downs.

Saturday 26th September
430/435  (Metrobus) (Merstham & Woodhatch–430, M-S, or Reigate-435, Daily) Revised timetables. The 435 rerouted between South Merstham (Arbury Road) and Frenches Road via Holmesdale Avenue and Watercolour Estate (Canalside) instead of via Battlesbridge Lane and Ormside Way.
725    (Southdown PSV) New route, Saturdays only until 16th January 2010 (except 26th December):  Smallfield, Weatherhall Road (0845) via Horley (Library), Salfords, Redhill (0915), Bletchingly, Godstone Green, Oxted, Westerham,  Brasted, Riverhead Tesco (1005), Bat & Ball, Otford, then to Bluewater (arr. 1045/ dep. 1600).

Saturday 3rd October
23       (Metrobus)(Crawley & Worthing, M-S)  Revised timetable.
51/61       (Arriva G&WS)(Horsham & North Heath, M-S)  Transferred to Metrobus.
62       (Arriva G&WS)(Horsham & The Common, M-S)  Transferred to Metrobus.
63       (Arriva G&WS) (Guildford & Horsham - Oakhill, M-S)  Withdrawn between Horsham Town Centre and Oakhill and extended instead via the Rail Station to the Hospital.  No change to Sunday Compass Bus service (Horsham & Cranleigh).
65       (Metrobus)  New route, M-S:  Horsham Town Centre & Oakhill via present 63.
93       (Arriva G&WS)(Horsham & Dorking, M-S) Transferred to Metrobus.
98       (Arriva G&WS)(Roffey & Southwater, M-S)  Transferred to Metrobus.  No change to the Sunday Compass Bus service (Roffey & Horsham Town Centre).  The transfer of the 98 to Metrobus includes the schoolday variations in Horsham:
198    (Southwater & Milllais and Forest Schools, SDO)
298    (Southwater & Tanbridge House School, SDO)
398    (Southwater & Crawley Bus Stn via Holy Trinity and St Wilfrid’s School, SDO).
465    (Arriva G&WS) (Dorking & Kingston, Daily TfL service) Transferred to Metrobus.

North and West KENT

Diversions at Sevenoaks:   Part of the A25 by Bat & Ball closed for gas main works from 8th August. Routes 306/308 and 431/432 diverted between St John’s Hill and Seal Road via Wickenden Road, Littlewood, Hillingdon Avenue and Seal Hollow Road.  Buses returned to going via Bat & Ball from Tuesday 18th.  Another part of the A25 through Bradbourne Vale Road remained closed until 1st September causing 306/308 to divert via Mount Harry Road to serve Sevenoaks Station.

Tuesday 1st September
223,306,416,417,544  as in TLB540.   Additionally:
220    (Addington & Tunbridge Wells via Ightham, SDO) From Griffin Bus to Arriva K&S.
221    (Vigo & Tunbridge Wells via Wrotham and Ightham, SDO) From Griffin Bus to Arriva K&S.
305    (Mann’s Travel) (Harvel & Gravesend, SDO) Curtailed back from Harvel to start at Vigo Village.

Thursday 3rd September
422    (Nu-Venture)(East Hill & Gravesend, Thurs)  Yet another alteration to this once-a-week service.  Between Darenth Village and Bluewater rerouted via Gore Road and Darent Valley Hospital instead of via Green Street Green and Bean.

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