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This section covers the current vehicle news pertaining to bus operators within the "TLB" area, roughly comprising the old LT/LCBS areas.

General news:    

New vehicle orders:

Metroline:    19 x E200Dart 10.2m for route 316.

Additionally,  there are outstanding orders still due to cover recent tender wins. Exact exact types and totals remain to be confirmed, so only my estimated figures are given:

East London – 45 double-decks for Leyton (pvr 41) and 15 single-decks for 323/488 (pvr 13).

First – 45 double-decks for the 259/476 (pvr 42). 

Go-Ahead – 16 double-decks for the TG1 (pvr 14).

Metroline – 22 double-decks for the 237 (pvr 20).  

London United – 26 double-decks for the 111 (pvr 23).

Some miscellaneous general items now. 

**             The annual Notting Hill Carnival  on 30th/31st August was served once again by numerous normal and extra buses, route details were listed fully in TLB 540 pages 12 & 13. There were many extra buses (of normal types) as usual on the 18, 28, 31 and 328 plus, on the Monday only, the six ON buses between Sudbury and Prince of Wales or Scrubs Lane and X buses Euston to Prince of Wales. The pvr on the 27 increased from 15 to 25 and on the 148 from 17 to 33.  Numerous extras on the 390 running from HT with all types including TEs (for the second time, the first being at last year’s Carnival). Extras on the 15 between Aldwych and Paddington, this year with 11 Tridents from WH (WH501+). Route 316 was again double-deck (TA and TP), as on both days the route was diverted avoiding the contentious roads where d/ds are “not allowed due to objections.”

                  Route 52 was, as usual, split into two sections: Victoria to Notting Hill Gate via Kensington (AC271+) with some buses showing green slipboards [All stops to Notting Hill Gate ONLY], and Victoria to Willesden via Marble Arch (AC251+) with some buses showing red slipboards [via Marble Arch and Edgware Road]. These slipboards, together with separate ‘via point’ displays, were meant to make it easier for passengers to know which route the bus was taking. However, many buses displayed the wrong via points and most of them seemed to ‘forget’ their slipboards. A good idea, but….. ?!

Once again this year, Stockwell ran extras (all WVLs as SW281-293) on the 36 which is otherwise an NX operation, while NX ran the special 36X (NX31-45) with PVLs as well as some extra ‘normal’ 436s with MALs. The special 436X though, which has been operated by Citaro artics for the past six years, was with new MECs (‘rigid’ Citaros). It was run with 14 MECs (#RA1+) and, although the buses came from RA, some of the drivers were from MW. Thus, in some cases, brand new buses just delivered a day or two earlier were used on the 436X before going into service on the 521 on 1st September! Arriva joined in for the first time this year with the special route 2X. In the event, it was run entirely by Norwood using 14 DLAs (N115-128).

One rather unexpected thing though was the effect on iBus. Extra buses on routes such as the 15, 18, 27, 36 and 52 were described with route numbers Y15, Y18, Y27, Y36 and Y52. This may well have been an internal TfL designation, like a D suffix for some school buses for example, but would merely confuse passengers who would have no idea what it meant.

** RT 1, unveiled at Wisley on 5th April (TLB 536 page 28 and pictures in TLB 537 and LBM 148), visited central London on Monday 13th July. It was posed outside the Waldorf Hotel on Aldwych exactly 70 years since it first appeared there when it was ‘launched’ by LT on 13th July 1939. It first went into service on 9th August 1939 on route 22 from Putney (Chelverton Road) Garage (AF). To commemorate the latter event, a private enthusiasts’ excursion on Sunday 23rd August 2009 visited Putney where RT 1 was posed for photographs with route 22 blinds in AF Garage and at the Putney Common terminus of the 22.

** “The Winton Train” on 1st to 4th September was a steam-hauled train journey from Prague to London to commemorate a series of eight epic trips just prior to the outbreak of World War Two 70 years ago. The man who facilitated the journeys, Nicholas (now Lord) Winton and now 100 years of age, welcomed the passengers to London. During the summer of 1939, he managed to get 669 children out of Czechoslovakia by train to Britain, although on the last journey on 1st September 1939, that train was detained by the Germans and the 250 children on board did not make it out of the country. Some of the survivors who did reach Britain, together with family members, took part in the re-created journey. To transport the passengers from Liverpool Street Station to the Czech Embassy in Kensington, four suitably vintage buses were used. RT 1, together with Cobham’s STL 2377 plus Ensignbus’ Cravens RT 1431 and standard RT 4421.

** The Upminster rail depot open day on 29/30th August saw a special service on route 248 using RT 3871 (LBC), RLH 62 (Ensign Bus), RM 1 (LT Museum) and, on the Saturday RM 2060 (East London) or Sunday RML 2760 (East London). The RLH also performed several journeys as 248A under the Cranham low bridge. Privately owned RT 1702 and RML 2589 visited on the Saturday.

** Routemasters to Imber: Where is Imber you might ask? It is a very remote ‘lost’ village on Salisbury Plain near Warminster in Wiltshire which was requisitioned during WW2.  Residents were all evicted and, although they were promised that they could return, that never happened. Ever since, it has been used for army training purposes. However, every now and again, the MoD allows restricted access to part of the village. One such occasion was Saturday 5th September 2009 and a special bus service (23A), the first bus to serve the village for 66 years, was registered by the Bath Bus Company between Warminster and Tilshead. RM 25, RML 2344, 2665 and 2735 operated!

** FirstGroup recently launched its ‘Greyhound’ brand, initially to be used on two services from 14th September running non-stop between Victoria (Bulleid Way) and Portsmouth and Southampton. To this end, eleven coaches have been prepared, the ‘launch’ vehicle being Scania/ Irizar 23315 (YN55 PXF). They will operate under a new O’Licence under the Truronian name from a base near Fareham.

** Stagecoach’s Oxford Tube service is now in the process of being re-equipped with twenty-six new VanHool TD927 Astromega double-deck coaches. These are numbered 50201-226 and are 14.2m long 87-seaters. They are replacing 25 x 13.7m Neoplan coaches (Nos. 50101-125).

** EasyBus is expected to take its franchised bus operations (currently worked by Arriva for easyBus) back in-house. A base for thirty vehicles has been secured at Park Royal off the North Circular Road.

** The MCV-bodied double-deck bus (TLB 538 page 6 refers) is to be mounted on a Volvo B9TL chassis. When ready, it is said that Go-Ahead London will trial it.

** Plaxton Primos YX07 HNO and YX55 DSB noted doing a “Brentford- Northfields” shuttle.It seems to be a private shuttle from a firm at the junction of Boston Manor Road and Great West Road.

** Buzzlines of Lympne (Kent) seems to be running an ‘office shuttle’ on M-F between Leatherhead Station and Unilever House 0700-1900.

** Seen in Kingston in mid-July was an all-red Enviro200H hybrid, full of computers and on trade plates, presumably from Alexander Dennis at Guildford. It was also noted in LU’s Fulwell Garage.

** The TfL-spec dual-doored Optare Versa YJ58 BZY that had been on loan in London (TLB 533 page 21 refers) earlier this year is now with Countywide Travel, Basingstoke, still red and dual-doored.


- AD, AE, AR, CT, DX, E, EC, LV, SF and WN.

- BA, BN, BS, CN, N, TC and TH.

New DWs came flooding in during August. Although DW 202 visited Millbrook Test Centre for most of the month, others went into store at Clapton (CT). Up to DW 221 had arrived by 31st August. What would have been DW 222 and 223 seem to have been diverted to Arriva the Shires at Garston for their newly acquired TfL work from 7th September, so deliveries to London resumed with DW 224.   No doubt, ‘replacement’ 222 and 223 will come later in the delivery sequence.   Following on from those published in TLB 540, registrations for the remaining DWs (224-262) will be thus;- LJ59 AET/U/V/W/X/Y/Z, AFA, AEB/C/D/E/F/G/K/L/M/N, ACU/V/X, AAF/K/N/O/U/V/X/Y/Z, GVC/E/F/G/K, GTF/U/Z, GUA.

Note that DWs up to 221 were inadvertently fitted by Wrights with red advert frames although, being for a central London route, they should of course been gold. However, later deliveries will have gold advert frames. Although familiarisation training was to officially begin on 18th August, my man “on scene” informs me that it actually started on 1st September. Strangely, not only are the current 38 route drivers receiving training on DWs and Ts, but also on DLAs and VLWs. On reflection, perhaps this is good forward thinking should a new 38 need “subbing” and only an older bus is available.

Registrations of the new Trident/Enviro400s (T 66-83) for route 38 are now known; - LJ59 ACY/Z, ADO/V/X/Z, AEA, ABF/K/N/O/U/V/X/Z, ACF/O, AAE.

And finally on new buses, after eleven years with the same interior moquette (the first was DLA 1), Arriva London have decided to introduce some interior changes. This will subsequently apply to all new Arriva buses nationwide. The traditional black Altro flooring is replaced by a much brighter Tarabus Luna – Alderney,  basically a blue shade featuring ivory coloured inserts. The yellow handrails are replaced by a shade called “light ivory” to match the flooring. And the seat moquette will be Holdsworth “Chimera”. All these innovations will apply to the new Ts although the first 20 or so DWs only feature the new flooring and handrails. Alas, the new moquette was not available in sufficient quantities at the time the first new DWs were in build.   

A necessary set of oddities occurred on Tuesday 1st September when around 40 buses were swapped between routes – but for one day only. Sussex Road in South Croydon was being resurfaced but the only possible diversion was under the low bridge in Selsdon Road, which had claimed rather a lot of double-deck bus roofs over the years. To avoid this happening, routes 403 and 412 were converted from double- to single-deck for the day, and to obtain those buses, routes 289 and 407 were partly converted from single to double-deck. This was achieved by TC’s 412 double- deckers being swapped with its 407 single-deckers. The 289 and 403, though, came to be worked by different garages, so the 289 (TH) had some DW double-decks on loan from CN, while TH sent Cadets to CN to work the 403. Therefore, the 289 (TH) used DW 95, 97 and 102 from CN plus several of its own DWLs, PDLs and DLAs. The 403 was all-DWL with slipboards for destination detail. The 407 used home (TC) based DWs and DLAs plus a few ADLs. The 412 was all-ADL transferred from the normal 407 (TC) allocation, using a simple ‘one-liner’ blind. The road works had finished by about 15:30 and types gradually reverted to normal for the evening.

The Enfield Accident Centre continues onward with the following refurbished during August; - DWL 44. 49, 52 and 54 plus VLA 4 and VLW 129. Accident damaged DLA 30 and 198 as well as HW 2 have also passed through and are now back in service. Plenty of repaints noted of late including DDL 5 (into white) with DLA 85, 91, 93, 344 and DLP 95 into all red. Unless I’ve missed something, DDL 1-6 and 9 have now received white livery with 7 and 8 yet to be treated. Although I have not received official (or even unofficial reports), I have shown 1-6 as transfers this month as I ASSUME they are now in service at Beddington Farm. Confirmation please. Currently in Enfield for refurb are DLA 202, DLP 41, 54 with VLW 99 and 132 plus VLA 5 at Beddington Farm. DLP 69 has been returned from Hants & Dorset with VLW 23 due back in early September following their “out of town” refurbs. For the time being, no further buses will be going away.

Following the report last month about DLA 134’s accident, I’m informed that the bus was impounded by the Police and was subsequently towed to a storage site in Dagenham. This necessitated the tow truck passing through the Dartford Tunnel. Thankfully (I guess), what remained of the damaged roof needed to be cut off to release it from its embedment in the tree, therefore the Police allowed the somewhat “low height” bus to pass through the Tunnel. Further news reaches me that the bus has been judged a write-off and is currently being stripped of useful parts in Norwood Garage. Finally on the subject, the car driver is still recovering in hospital and furthermore, the bus driver has been told that the Police will not be taking any action against him.

On 22nd August at around 07:37, VLA 42 was involved in a collision with a woman pedestrian (who later died in hospital) in Walworth Road (junction Elephant Road) while on route 176. No action has been taken against the driver and, apart from a shattered screen, there was little damage to the bus which was back in service by 28th. Apparently, a similar fatal accident happened less than a year ago and apparently also involved a VLA on the 176. Due to the long-term roadworks occurring at Gants Hill, DLA 11 (ex GR loan) plus DLA 56 have been loaned to Barking as extras.

Odd workings: On 13th August DWL 10 (EC) was on the W14 followed by DWL 47 on 21st. Enfield’s route 313 continues to see oddities with DWLs still the mainstay with, on 22nd August, PDL 66 as E121, DLA 28 as E127 and ENL 19 as E125. Double-deck operation has declined of late but, since the arrival of the ENLs for route 491, the latter are now a daily occurrence. Probably explains why DWL 13 is on Enfield’s forecourt looking very unloved and forlorn and, slowly but surely, losing bits both front and rear! On route 491, PDL 66 worked E100 on 23rd August and again on 27th. Route 298 continues with mainly DWLs but the odd DLA, ENL and VLW is far from rare.

New vehicles (August)

DW 202, 204-221 (LJ09 SUO, SUV/X/Y, SVA/C/D/E/F, SSO/U/V/X/Z, STX/Z, SUA/F/H)

Wrightbus Gemini 2 DL (diesel) integral 10.4m H41/24D.  

Off loan:  DLA 11 returned from loan to AtS on 31st August.  Although it had originated at WN, it was returned instead to DX.

Transfers   (August)

ADL 1-8 EC/ECw.        DDL 1, 2, 3, 4 CNu/CNt.   DDL 5, 6, 9 CNw/CNt.
DLA 11 AtS (GR)/DX.     DLA 56 CNt/DX.   DLA 134 TC/Nw.    DLP 65 WN/AD.
DW 202 --/Millbrook/CTu.     DW 203 CTu/CTt    . DW 204-221 --/CTu.
DWL 11, 21, 22 WN/TH.     DWL 13 E/Eu.

Livery Changes; DDL 5, 6 from red to white (training livery).

Detail Changes;-

DLA 62 from H45/21D to H45/19D.                   

DLA 97, 98, 99, 100, 103, 106, 109, 111, 112, 114 from H45/19D to H45/17D.

DLA 132, 133, 135, 164, 216, 218, 221 from H43/21D to H43/18D.

DLA 316 from H43/20D to H43/19D.

DLA 322, 324, 326, 327, 328, 330, 334, 337, 339, 341, 376 from H45/20D to H45/19D.

DLP 76, 84 from H43/20D to H43/19D.

DW 18 from H43/22D to H43/21D.                      DWL 19 from B31D to B27D.

PDL 16 from B25F to B21F.                                                       VLW 76, 82 from H41/22D to H41/21D.

And from last month, confirmation that DLA 120 is confirmed as still being H45/18D.

Also, delete entry of DLA 250 now being H43/19D. It isn’t; - it is still H43/20D.


Despite ADL 1-8 being stripped of their iBus equipment in Edmonton during August, as at early September they had still not been collected by Pickering’s for onward transit to Arriva Scotland West.

DDL 10-14 to Excel Coaches, Stansted Airport (August).


Arriva Kent Thameside Ltd: (DT,NF), also including reference where appropriate to the associated
Arriva Kent & Sussex,  Arriva Medway Towns, New Enterprise.

Arriva Guildford & West Surrey Ltd (CL,GF,HM garages)

Arriva Southend Ltd (Thurrock area operations from Grays)
(SE and GY garages).

NF’s new E200s 4036-43 did enter service on route 499 on Saturday 8th August, one day before the formal rerouteing via Ebbsfleet. The two Mini Pointer Darts 1606/7 also entered service on route 455 by that time, leading to the withdrawal of two (of the three) Varios at Northfleet.  Vario 1186 remains as a spare for the two MPDs and the Solos SRs on ‘small bus routes’ 414, 453 and 455.

The award of two school bus contracts in the Godalming area of Surrey resulted in two aged Darts from Milton Keynes, and new to Limebourne, arriving on 24th August at Guildford.  They are in ‘inter urban’ livery. Perhaps the old MK yellow might have been more appropriate!  Staying at Guildford, two Volvo B7TLs from Gillingham released the two Dominators to join their solitary sister at Maidstone, after the B7TLs had been replaced by new E200s right at the end of August.

Odd workings:  Volvo B7TL 6439(TW) on the 402 into Bromley on 11th August. Tunbridge Wells-based Dart 3593 (GJ52 HDZ) which had been in yellow and then white, lost its route branding for route 401 (Sevenoaks- Westerham); it is said that it will be treated to more branding.

On 1st September it was announced that Arriva had agreed to sell the small Horsham operation based at Warnham Station to the Go-Ahead Group.  It will be operated by Metrobus from their Crawley Depot, initially without any substantive change to timetables.  Currently Horsham has nineteen buses:   12 x Dart SLFs (3032/68/69/74/80/81/82/83/85, 3103, 3179, 3248) for Horsham town routes and route 93, 6 x E200s (3976-81) for TfL 465 and 1 x Volvo Olympian (5925) for a school service.  Dart 3179 in red livery acts as a spare for the 465 as well as the town routes.   The Olympian will be retained by Arriva SC, the E200s will transfer to Metrobus, but it seems unlikely that many (or any?) of the Dart SLFs will be used by Metrobus in the long term.

Acquired vehicles    from MK Metro, Milton Keynes (August)  Nos. 3531/3533 respectively.
3112 (NDZ 7926, ex T422 LGP),  3113  (NDZ 7918, ex T404 LGP)  Dennis Dart SLF – Caetano Compass 10.7m B42F – new 1999.

And from Arriva Medway Towns, Gillingham  (31st August)
6402, 6403 (GN04 UDP, UDS) Volvo B7TL – Alexander ALX400 10.6m H45/27F- 2004.

Transfers: (August)

1182, 1183 NF/NFw.    3030 HM/CL.        3112, 3113 --/GF.      3122, 3123 NF/SEw.    
3186, 3289 NF/SE.       3271, 3287 NF/TW.      5214/15 GF/MD.       6402/03 GL/GF.

Disposals (including moves to ‘other parts’ of A-SC)  during August:

Varios 1182, 1183 to Wealden PSV.
MetroRiders 1809, 1810, 1814 to  Mr S.Morris, and 1812 (most recently to Arriva K&S) joined them. 
Mr  Morris also trades as ‘RML2418 Ltd’ and ‘Shropshire Bus & Coach’.
Darts 3122, 3123  Arriva Southend (at Southend) - likely to be disposed of soon. 
Darts 3186, 3289 to Arriva Southend (at Southend).
Darts 3271, 3287 to Arriva K&S at Tunbridge Wells.
Dominators 5214 and 5215 to Arriva K&S at Maidstone
Olympians 5557, 5558 to store at Southend pending disposal.
Training bus Volvo B6  T603 (L603 EKM) to J Hunt, Maidstone (dealer)  during July.

ARRIVA the Shires group, Luton

ARRIVA the Shires Ltd
(AY,GR,HH,LD,SV,WB garages) and

ARRIVA East Herts & Essex Ltd
(HA,WE garages)

The four outstanding new vehicles all turned up on 1st and 2nd September, having been previously allocated 09-registrations.  The two Scanias are for Luton and have nominally replaced the last Volvo B6s.  The two ‘DB300s’ are at Garston for the company’s pvr increase on TfL work from 7th September.  In fact, the pvr increase is of three buses but only two new buses were ordered – this may cause even more pressure on the ‘TfL double-deck fleet there.  We have reported plenty of times on how many odd workings (and vehicle loans) there has had to be to cover the run-out.

DAF 3270, 3272 and Volvo B10Bs 3850/51/52 to inter-urban colours. All three of Aylesbury’s Tridents with route 500 branding, 5421, 5422 and 5432 were suddenly freshly repainted into inter-urban style by mid-August, now minus the branding.   DAFs 3441 and 3449 have also lost their 500 branding (both are at Luton now!). DAF 3274 (GR) suffered a fairly minor engine fire on 29th August.

Coaches 4362/63/68 visited A-SC Maidstone during August for repainting into school-bus yellow for use at Stevenage.  4367 followed, but re-emerged in ‘inter-urban’ livery; all returned to SV. 4363 rather surprised several passengers when, in gaudy yellow, it turned out on Stevenage town service SB8 on 24th August.  Coach 4047 to new-style Green Line livery.

The once-huge fleet of Mercedes-Benz minibuses of 709/711/811 and Vario models has been considerably reduced over recent years.  Leaving aside the three withdrawn buses (2196, 2244 and 2248) awaiting disposal, those left licensed for service are these:  MB709Ds 2128/31/33 (LD) and Varios 2173 (AY), 2177 and 2374 (HA), 2179, 2180, 2249 and 2373 (HH). The Aylesbury bus was used on the Chesham rural services which passed to other operators from 7th September.    Also the large fleet of step-entrance Volvo B6s has been rapidly reduced lately, and we just have four (3117, 3128, 3133 and 3137) left shown as licensed, all at High Wycombe, whilst 3122 had been the last B6 in use at Luton – once the home to plenty of the breed. The two Optare Aleros (0443/4) at Harlow for the Sawbridgeworth town service also seem to have gone or at least been stood down, as a Vario has been the normal bus through August.  In any case, the routes have been deregistered from the end of October.

Odd workings:  Coach 4055 (HH) on the 6 on 15th August and 4047 on the 4/5 town services on 4th September;  HH Varios on the 52 on 26th August (2180) and 27th (2179).  At GR, Citaro 3917 on the 5 on 10th August.   More Garston (TfL) buses have been retro-fitted with blinds for the TfL double-deck routes 142/258/340, with Darts 3218/20/21 and Cadets 3704-28  now duly fitted out.

New deliveries:

All four below arrived in the first days of September, so there is the possibility that the registrations may need to be changed to 59 marks.  
3640, 3641 (KX09 MJF, MJJ)  Scania N94UB- Wrightbus Solar B44F  (38 fixed plus 6 tip-ups).  They are to the ‘old’ body design, thus a Solar rather than a Solar 2.  
6100, 6101 (KX09 KDZ, KEJ)  Wrightbus Integral Gemini 2 DL 10.4m H41/24D.  These are referred to by Arriva as the Wright/VDL DB300.


(July):   2196 AY/AYu.   2248 HA/HAu.   3122 LD/LDu.   3151, 3159 AY/HHu.    3332 WB/WBw.
(August):  3127 WB/WBu.     3155 HH/AY.      3162 HH/WB.     3179 AY/MK.
3357 HAu/LDw.     3444 LD/HH.     3850, 3851, 3852  SV/WB.      5094 WB/LD.      5165 LD/LDu.

(September):   3640/41 --/LD.   6100/01 --/GR.

Off loan:  DLA 11 returned on 31st August from GR to Arriva London.

Detail changes:  

Scania 3162 from standard to dark blue (for route 32 in Wycombe).
DAF coach 4362/68 from Green Line and 4363 from easyBus orange to schoolbus yellow.
DAF coach 4367 from Green Line to ‘inter urban’ bus livery.
TfL DAF d/d 6022 is the latest refurb, and down-seated from H45/20D to H45/19D.


MB.115  1258 (KS05 JJE), the little minibus used on the ‘ZIP’ service in Harlow passed, with the ‘ZIP’ service to its new operator LCB Travel, who took over the route from 1st September.
Varios 2176 and 2240, also Volvo B6 3132  gone for scrap  (August).
Vario 2185  gone from fleet (May)
Volvo B6 3346 (M846 DDS) to Pointmost, Ivybridge, Devon (May).
Olympian 5381 (MUH 281X) to Hardwicks for scrap (June).

MK  Metro fleet notes

One typo in TLB537 p15, the E200s 0351-55 of course have reg prefix MX09 (not LX09)!.    Dart 3531 (TLB540) is in inter-urban (not normal) livery.   Darts 3531 and 3533 then passed to Arriva SC at Guildford.   Dart 3521 to lime green.  It seems that Darts 3179 and 3294 (both from AY) and 3212 (from GR) are formal transfers to MK, rather than mere loans.  The recent Enviro300s have now gained route branding,  3570-75 in all-red for route 4 and 3576-78 in orange for route 5.

CENTREBUS, Dunstable, Stevenage and Harlow

The Galleon Travel Ltd bus operation, trading as Trustybus from River Way, Harlow was acquired from start of operations on Sunday 23rd August.   Twenty Trustybus vehicles were transferred to Centrebus Ltd and, initially at least, seem to be retaining the Trustybus name.  Presumably, buses will soon receive Centrebus fleet numbers.  Already, R462 and R484 LHG are in Centrebus livery. 

Acquired from Galleon Travel 23/8/09:

Dart/Pointer:    L161 XRH, M150 HPL.

Dart SLF/Pointer:  R141 RLY, R462 LGH, R484 LGH, LN03 AYL, LN03 AYM,  EU04 BZY.

Dart SLF/MCV:  AE55 MVL, AE55 VGD, AE06 HBU, AE06 HBX.

Dart SLF/Marshall:  R711 MEW, S522 KFL, S528 KFL.

Dart SLF/East Lancs:  P131 PPV.

E200Dart:  LK07 GTF.

Dennis Lance SLF:  M267 VPU,  M268 VPU.

MAN 11.190/Optare Vecta:  P10 TLS. 

Acquired from Bowers, Derbyshire (a Centrebus company):

367 (V110 LVH)  Optare Solo M920 B29F – 1999.     This is at the Harlow depot.

New delivery  (August)

(6** ?)   (FJ59 FYS)   MAN  --?---  Plaxton Centro B**F.    This arrived on 26th August and went into service on 1st September on route 10 (Luton & Marsh Farm).  As yet, not sure of fleet number, chassis type, length or seating capacity.


DE 44 (see TLB537 p16) was the first Enviro200 to be supplied from dealer Mistral. That dealer has taken from A-D a batch of twenty-seven E200s (made up of 8.9m B29F and 10.8m B38F models) to be sold.   Meanwhile, two more ex-Metrobus Darts have come, joining sisters P724/5 RYL. I had an opportunity to closely scrutinise Dart V361 DLH at Lewes and it is still devoid of a fleet number.

Acquired  (August)  from Metrobus, Crawley  (Nos. 226/7)

P726, P727 RYL   Dart SLF – Plaxton Pointer 10.0m B36F – 1996.

And via Ensignbus, formerly  Arriva Midlands (No.4169)

M169 GRY  Scania N113DRB – East Lancs H47/33F – 1995.

EAST LONDON - BK, BW, NS, RM, T, U and WH and SELKENT - PD, TB and TL.

                  More and more Scanias arrived at Bow in advance of the take-up of route 205 on 29th August. They were widely used during August on routes 26 and 30, and occasionally on the 8. Bow duly took over route 205 on the appointed date. Meanwhile, older Tridents continue to depart to Ensignbus with, at the beginning of September, just three (17083 at BK and 17084/086 at U) left in service [leaving aside ‘heritage’ Trident 17001 of course].   The twenty Tridents converted to trainers are all now re-allocated to garages (see below) and many Scania trainers have departed.

The batch of seventeen Enviro200s started to arrive a bit early when the first three got to Rainham (RM) by 21st August, others following. They are due to enter convert route D3 at West Ham  by its tender renewal date of 19th September. More repaints into all red include 17157, 17297 and 17852. However, despite there being very few that have yet to gain all red livery, my ever vigilant SE25 reporter informs me that 17189, 18487 and 34317 have now received second all red repaints.

Odd workings:  E400 18500 (WH) was on the 115 on 21st, 22nd and 24th August. On 3rd September 18500 was on the 277 (WH331) and on 4th as WH326.  The occasional (but still fairly rare) Scania on the 174 continues, with 15014 on 22nd August. From the first day of the 205 at Bow,  at least one Trident was observed on each day being pressed into service.

New deliveries:     (At least 36045-053 had been delivered in August, the rest due in September).

36045-061 LX59 ANF/P/R/U/V, AOA/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/J/K/L/M

AD E200Dart – AD Enviro200 10.2m B29D.

Loaned vehicles:  Tridents 17577/579/581/584/589/590 returned from Metrobus to Selkent (TL) during August.  As at 5th September  just five (17481, 17571/574/582/585) remained at Metrobus.

Transfers:  (August)

15100/01/03/04/06/08/09/11-24 RMu/BW. (In practice, 15113/15 were still at RM on 29th August, but should have followed within a few days).

From trainer conversion at Cosham:    17099/100/101 to Ut.   17102/103 to NSt. 

17104/105/106 to BKt.  17107 to BWt.   17108 to RMt.  17109  to TBt.   17110 to RMt.  17111 to PDt.  17112, 17113 to TLt.   17395, 17396 to BWt.  17397 to WHt.  17398 to TLt.  17399 to PDt.

Now, normal transfers, some of which confirm our suggestions in TLB540:

17115 RMu/BK.  17123/125  PD/TL.   17126/127/128 RMu/PD.  17131/133/134 PD/BW.
17148/149/151 PD/BW.    17155 T/TB.   17179 BW/WH.   17185/186/187 T/BK.   17292 WH/BW.
17477 TLu/TBu (accident).  17480 Met/TL/RM.     17506, 17510 WH/T.     17558 WH/U.   
17563 WH/PD.   17578 Met/TL./WH. 17579 Met/TL//U.   17584, 17587/588/589/590/591  Met/TL/PD.
17745, 17746 WH/T.     17752/753/754/756, 17781/782/784, 17819 BW/WH.   17818 T/BW/WH.
17831 T/U.   17879, 17885 BW/WH.     17906 PD/T.   17912, 17917, 17919, 17927 BW/WH.
17944 PD/BW. 18464 BW/NS.
34255 TL/TLu/RMu/BK.   34371 TL/TLu.    34377/378/379/380  PD/TL.   36045-053 --/RMu.

The ‘extra observed’ transfers noted in TLB540 are included above except for these: 17238, 17519, 17932, 34269, 34312, 34356, 34357, 34386 - which should therefore be regarded as merely loans. In particular, there are numerous Dart loans from PD and TB to TL on almost a daily basis, often in the evenings!   Those (34377-80) shown above, though, are official transfers. 

Registration changes:   

Trident 17879 from 527 CLT to LX03 NGN.  Scania OmniCity 15100 from LX09 FYV to 527 CLT.

Disposals; -  Dart  34158 to Ensignbus  in July.

Olympians 16122, 16123;    Tridents  17064/065/080/082/085/087/090/092/094/097;
Delta 26011;  Scanias  28619/620/621/622/624/626/627/628   all to Ensignbus in August.

ENSIGN BUS, Purfleet

   No. 464, a MCW Metroliner – sold to Scenic Suncruisers, Scarborough  (August).  The registration 864 DYE has been retained by Ensignbus.

EXCEL, Stansted  (within the T-GM Group, part of the ‘Arriva family’)

Most if not all of the loaned buses from Ensign and Dawson should have gone back home by the end of August, being replaced by several second-hand acquisitions.   The two Enviro300s (KV03 ZFJ/K) mentioned in TLB540 did come to the T-GM group but in fact are at the Burton’s Haverhill depot rather than at Excel.   Also into the group are G625/6/7, 632 BPH – Volvo B10M/ Northern Counties H45/33F of 1989.  These moved from Arriva Southern Counties to storage at Excel’s premises at Stansted at the end of August. They are all in yellow school bus livery, but are not for Excel; they are T-GM-group owned and are a ‘hire/ loan/ rail’ fleet for the group.

Additional inbound loan:  N465 PAP  Dart 9.8 SDL- Alexander Dash B40F  (in Stagecoach livery).

Acquired vehicles (August):

F639, F640 LMJ  Leyland Olympian- Alexander H47/32F- 1988.  From Burton’s Haverhill (Nos. 239, 240) and before that with Arriva the Shires.

N167, N169 PUT  and N430, N433 XRC  Scania L113CRL-  East Lancs B51F- 1996  From Arriva Midlands  (Nos. 3467/9, 3490/3 respectively).

S310-S314 JUA  Dennis Dart SLF – Plaxton Pointer 10.2m B26D – 1998  From Arriva London South (DDL 10-14).  They are gradually to be converted to single-door layout and upseated.

AY54 FPZ, FRC   AD Dart SLF – AD Pointer 10.7m B37F- 2004  From Network Colchester (Nos. 528/9).

FIRST in BERKSHIRE  (First Beeline Buses Ltd)  (BL and SH garages)

Eight former Greenford- based Tridents were due to arrive here in late August, to convert route 190 (Bracknell- Reading, Mon-Sat) which has a pvr of 7 buses.  They were due to begin service on 29th August but only three (33143/7/8) had actually arrived by then.   Odd workings on route 702 saw  TNL 32903 on 19th August, and both 32901 and 32903 on 20th. This practice carried on during most days to the end of the month, e.g. 32900 on 25th.

Acquired from First cascade, formerly First London (CentreWest):

TN 33141-148  (LR02 LWW/X/Y/Z, LXA/B/C/G) 

TransBus Trident- TransBus President 9.9m H39/24F (converted from H39/20D)- 2002.

Dates of actual arrival spread from late August into September.

Transfers (August):  TN 33143/7/8 --/BL.  VDA 34276/277/278 BL/ ??w.   GB 68531 BL/GM.

FIRST LONDON incorporating

- H and NP.

- G, HS, ON, UX, WJ and X.

The batch of thirty-one Volvo B9TL/ Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini 2 buses for Alperton route 83 was due to start being delivered as we closed for press. Referring to TLB 539, we recorded the arrival of the first one at the Volvo workshop at Brimsdown as long ago as 21st June. It had an early chassis and body number (body AD610) whereas the other thirty have much later numbers (AD718-AD747).  Nevertheless, the ‘early’ one joins the others with new 59-plates. So far, 37773-783 are LK59 CWN/O/P/R/T/U/V/W/X/Y/Z, and 37784-797 LK59 CXA/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/J/L/M/N/O/P, with 37798-803 to complete the batch (but as yet with unallocated registrations).

On Saturday 22 August the annual V Festival at Chelmsford (Hylands Park) attracted a large contingent of double-decks from First Essex and Fourways, but they were aided by First London VDN 34215 and six Tridents. The damaged Wrightbus integral DL WN 35003 had recovered from its accident on 1st June by the end of August, as has the E400 DN 33519 from its 5th January incident (TLB 533 refers). However, I gather WNH 39002 was involved in an accident on 26th August and was last seen being unceremoniously towed down the Bayswater Road. 

            Odd workings: during August, numerous appearances of Alperton’s E200s on routes 92 and 224, an odd one or two on the 79, but on 10th to 13th August one turned out on the 223 each day! E200 DML 44125 (G) was most unusually on the 95 on 24th. During August, route 191 has seen two TNs, a TNL and VNL 32308 on 20th August. Route 385 has once again seen something other than stalwart DMS 41474. After DM 41785 on 20th June reported in TLB 539, 3rd August saw DM 41781 and subsequently numerous examples from the 41773-88 batch since then.

Transfers;  (August)

TN 33156/162/171 G/HSw. DN 33519 Xu/X.     DN 33608, 33611 HSu/G. WN 35003 Xu/X.   .

DML 41308/09 DM/DMw. DML 44121/125 HSu/G.  DMS 44404, 44405 HSu/G.    

(DN 33601/02/07, DML 44127/28, DMS 44419 were STILL not in use at G by 1st September).

Disposals:  DB 67296 (TLB 539 p26 refers) – It is with St John Ambulance at their Southall premises.

- BE
– SI;
- BX, NX, PM and Q;

The last few Es for SW (route 345) and SOEs for A (route 80) duly entered service by 14th August. After the nine refurbished PVLs had arrived at Sutton in late July (TLB 540 refers), the other seven of the batch were under conversion at Eastleigh as at 14th August. Thus, with their gradual return to Sutton, [just two have been reported as back by 31 August- Ed] all remaining EVLs at Sutton will be able to depart to the North-East. At least EVL 42 was still running at Sutton on 3rd September.

Additionally, and now that the ‘route 85’ WVL refurbs for Putney have been completed, most of the temporary EVL allocation at Putney was able to be dispersed, although EVL 5, 15 and 17 were all still in use on 74 between 20th-27th August at least.   Merton continues to uses its SOEs on the 219 and 355 in preference to the 164, even though Sutton uses theirs on the 164 on Sundays. Allegedly it is due to grounding but why does one garage have a problem and the other does not?

Route 521 was duly converted from artic to rigid Citaros from Tuesday 1st September and 34 of the remaining 35 Citaros that had been in store in the Midlands since mid-July were brought to London on 27th-29th August. MEC 27 was damaged on delivery and should come later. From Saturday 29th August the schedule on route 507 changed so that all Sat & Sun working was from Mandela Way (MW) rather than Waterloo (RA). Part of the 521 is worked by MW on Mon-Fri as well. Therefore seven MECs (pvr of 6) are working from MW. Indeed, seven (MEC 32, 37, 38, 40, 45, 48 and 49) were noted on MW workings to begin with on the first weekend, but we would assume that in practice vehicles will merely be outstationed from RA to MW as required. In theory, all of MAL 1-31 should have gone to storage prior to disposal, but details are as yet unknown.  That said, MAL 1, 12 and 30 (at least) have been seen on routes 12 and 453 during August and into early September. MAL 1 and 30 have lost their Red Arrow branding but MAL 12 still had the logos on 4th September.

I know we have mentioned it before, but with this company most of the PVL trainers are designated as ‘dual purpose’. This means they are in regular use as driver trainers but may be (and occasionally are) also available for passenger service if necessary. PVLs so designated are 7, 17, 25, 30, 37, 38, 40, 45, 51, 82, 129, 131, 133, 135, 136 and 139. All are home-based at Q. Note that PVLs 140/1/2/3 are also trainers at Q but are designated as ‘Class 5’ and are permanent trainers. This also applies to the remaining NV trainers- 72, 109, 131/2/7, 141/2/4/7 and 162. 

Enviro400H hybrid EH 2 (SW) was loaned to Brighton & Hove and used in service there on routes 1/1A (Whitehawk & Mile Oak) on 12th to 15th August. 

LDP 96 (BX), recently transferred from Merton, has the new logo and London Central name on the offside but still has its old London General name on the nearside!

The rail ‘blockade’ between Folkestone and Dover between 25 July and 30 August was covered by London General as the ‘lead operator’. PVLs 82, 252/3, 262/3/4/5 were outstationed in Kent for the duration. Kent Coach Travel (Travelmasters) and Poynters of Wye also provided vehicles.

Odd workings:  E 107 crept out onto route 196 on 29th August as SW202 and E 119 was on route 88 on 4th September as SW122.   Es remain fairly rare on both this routes these days. For our out-of-town readers, these new Es should be on route 345.

New deliveries (August)

MEC 1-3 (BG09 JJK/L/U); 5-10 (BG09 JJX/Y/Z, JKE/F/J); 11-19 (BD09 ZPR/S/T/U/V/W/X/Y/Z);
            21, 23, 26 (BD09 ZRC/F/K); 28, 32, 33 (BD09 ZVT/X/Y);
            35, 37, 38, 40, 41 (BD09 ZWA/C/E/G/H); 44, 45, 46, 48, 49 (BT09 GOK/P/U, GPE/F).
            Mercedes-Benz Citaro 12m B21D (plus 75 standing).

Note that MEC 27 (BD09 ZVS) was not delivered to London. It suffered an accident whilst on delivery and was sent back to Germany for repair. We would expect it to receive a new 59 mark.


(Correction to TLB 540)  LDP 1, 7, 8 A/BXw should read LDP 1, 8, 9 A/BXw.  (LDP 7 still at BX).
(July):  PDL 28, 41 SW/BXw.     PVL 135, 136 PM/Qt.  RML 887 AFc/ALc.
RML 2305 SWc/ALc.   RML 2472 NXc/Qc.    DRM 2516 Ac/PLc.   RML 2520 SWc/Qc.
(August) E 125-128 MWu/SW.     EVL 3, 4, 6, 21, 23 AF/wdn.    
LDP 47, 48, 49, 52, 53, 71, 74 A/BXw.    LDP 56 BXw/BX.    LDP 60, 78, 85 AL/BXw.  
LDP 64 PLu/BE.    LDP 67 Q/BXw.      NV 109, 131 MWt/BXw.   
PVL 60 SW/AL.    PVL 65, 73, 266 SW/BX.   PVL 273, 274 BX/A.   PVL 278 SW/AF.  
PVL 279 PM/AF.   PVL 286, 295 refurb/A. SOE 35-40 PLu/A.
(August 31st): MAL 1-31 RA/ most to store or disposal, details to follow once we find out ourselves!
MEC 1-3, 5-19, 21, 23, 26, 28, 32, 33, 35, 37, 38, 40, 41, 44, 45, 46, 48, 49 --/RA.
(There are seven MECs working from MW – see notes above. At present, we will assume that these will be outstationed from RA and changed over as required).

Detail changes:

NV 114 from red to blue. Also NV 111 to blue mentioned in the text in TLB but not recorded.

PVL 286, 295 from H41/23D to H41/20D plus refurbished and repainted.

WVL 27 (AF) from H41/23D to H41/20D plus refurbished and repainted.  


EVL 3, 4, 6, 21, 23 gone from fleet by August.
EVL 43-52 to Go-Ahead North East (nos. 3974-83) in July.  (Note that earlier disposals EVL 20 and 27 have been numbered 3966/67).
NV 110, 113, 124, 134, 145, 152 to Beestons, Hadleigh, Suffolk (June). These are likely to be at Beestons in a dealer capacity, so should move on.
NV 112, 128 – gone from fleet (July).  In late August, NV 112 was being used in an advert by Ripley’s (dealer) for sale, so perhaps both went there?
PDL 1, 6, 9, 10, 11, 21, 24 – gone from fleet (probably April/May).

Inward Loan:  contrary to the note in TLB 540 page 31 that the hired Solo had gone, it has not.  Although the shuttle service between Stratford and the Olympic Park operated for Bovis did indeed cease, the Solo OS 1 (MX09 HHW) remains. It is used by Bovis to take their sponsors and VIPs on personalised tours of the Olympic site. It is now based at New Cross (NX) and operated by LG’s Commercial Dept.

HUNN, Romford (Travel with Hunny)

              In use in July and August was Metrobus GYE 443W.  It was formerly with Media Bus, Canning Town and is now converted to part open-top but has retained its dual door layout, thus is now PO43/28D. It is all-red and has been used in service on the Epping- North Weald peak hour service. The two Turkish– built BMC Falcon low-floor midibuses are for route 392 (Harlow- Hoddesdon) taken up from 1st September.  They are all-red with route branding.

Acquired (August)  via Ensign Bus,  formerly Stagecoach Wales (Red & White) and until February 2006 with Glyn Williams of Pontllanffraith:   CN04 XCK, XCL  BMC Falcon B40F – 2004.

Disposal:   Metroliner B240 LRA to a company in Ipswich (by July).


A whole host of Mercedes-Benz 609Ds, 709Ds, 711Ds and 811Ds have been used over recent years, most but not all in the familiar white with purple skirt ‘Faresaver’ livery.  In principle, there have been two at one time (sometimes just one), some have stayed just a few days, others for several months. A one-day loan on 20th June from Uno in the form of a Solo 405 (YJ58 PHO) was evidently a success, as a Solo of its own has been obtained, entering service on 8th August on route 502.

Acquired:  via Ensign  (August): 

V648 EEF  Optare Solo M920 B35F (33 fixed + 2 tip-ups). It came from Stockton-on-Tees Council where it had been a ‘welfare bus’ with 17 seats at the rear and a large wheelchair area. These 17 seats remain, in a blue ‘rexine’ covering, while another 16 seats (plus the two tip-ups) have been added in the forward section, these being standard modern moquette-covered seats. The bus is red with a yellow cheat-line, EasyRider fleetname (inherited from Stockton) and with electronic displays.

METROBUS, Crawley (within the Go-Ahead Group) (C,CY,LR,MB depots)

 Scania/Olympus deliveries continued into early August with 889-893 but were then suspended until mid-September.   894-899 will now be re-registered PN59 KFW/X/Y/Z, KGA/E.

Once the ‘route 64’ Scania OmniCitys arrive in September, more red OmniDekkas will be repainted blue and cascaded to Crawley.  By the end of this year, therefore, the intention is that all remaining Olympians at CY will be withdrawn.  There has been a late change to the order of some of the ‘route 64’ batch.  962-965 are now YT59 DYF/G/H/N. The whole batch had arrived in the UK by the first few days of September and were then moving to Scania’s Lingfield depot, prior to delivery to Metrobus.  I shall show them as in stock in September.

Metrobus is to assume operation of the Arriva services based at Horsham from Saturday 3rd October.  However, it will all be worked from Crawley. In theory, the nineteen Arriva buses will transfer, but it seems likely that Metrobus may use its own vehicles on the Horsham local routes.

Odd workings:  Scania OmniCity 955 (C203) on route 127 on 20th August.  Examples of assorted Scanias from the newest batch for the 75 noted elsewhere:  884 (C143) on 119 on 4th August, 875 (C263) on 405 on 7th,  877 on 405 on 17th,  871 on 127 on 19th, 877 on 64 on 27th. . 

New deliveries: 

(August):  889-893  (PN09 ENH/K/L/M/O)   Scania N230UD – Optare Olympus 10.8m H45/23D.

(September):   958-973 (YT59 DYA/B/C/D/F/G/H/N/J/M/O/P/S/U/V/W)
                  Scania N230UD OmniCity 10.8m H41/22D.

Transfers (August):   129 C/CYw.   505 Qt/CYw.   836 CY/CYw.    889-893 --/MB.

Off loan:   Tridents 17577/579/581/584/589/590 returned to Selkent in August.   These went back once Scania/ Olympus up to 893 had entered service.  894-899 remained outstanding, so five Tridents remained on loan as at late August:   17481, 17571/574/582/585.


Darts 125, 126  to  Mike De Courcey Travel, Coventry  (August).
Darts 226, 227  to Countryliner, Guildford (August)
Citaros 501, 503 and 505 to Wealden PSV  (August).   

METROLINE TRAVEL - AC, AH, BD, EW, HD, HT, KX, NW, PA, PB, PV and W garages.

 (Within the Comfort Delgro group of Singapore)

The six E200s (DE 993-998) at Brentford started to enter service on route E8 from 15th August.   These were the first new buses to be delivered to Metroline in the all-red livery without the familiar blue skirt. They have white roof pods for the cab air-conditioning. This adds another Dart class at the garage to the DA/DP/DM mix of types. We now have them scheduled on 117 (DP), 190 (DM), 209 (DA) and E8 (DE). Recently, it has been increasingly common to see DMs on the E8 (and even the E2, e.g. on 11th August DM 962 and 963) and DPs on the 209 (in particular). The occasional DA does wander, e.g. on 8th August DA 145 was on the E8 and DA 149 on the 190. The DEs were soon out and about, but hardly at all on the E8 to begin with. On 18th August new DE 998 was AH66 on the newly-double-deck route E2; on 19th DE 996 and 998 followed on the E2 with DE 997 on the 190 (AH60) and on 20th DE 993 and 996 on the E2.

The remaining DEs were allocated to West Perivale for new route 395 starting on 5th September and to Cricklewood for route 251. By the third week of August though, it was discovered that some of the matches of chassis/ body/ fleet numbers with registrations was incorrect. Therefore DE 999-1003 already at PA took registrations allocated to DE 1010-1014. They soon went into service on PA’s routes prior to the start of the 395. DE 1004-1006 had already arrived at W at the end of July and others duly followed. The first sighting of one on the 251 was DE 1006 on 24th August.

Another nineteen DEs are due, perhaps as soon as later this month. These are for Cricklewood to replace older DLDs on route 316. Sadly, although the route really needs double-deckers and it was proposed that it should have them, the familiar NIMBY problem on part of the route has dictated single-decks.   The will be DE 1015-1033 (LK59 AUW/Y, AVB/C/D/F/G/J/L/M/N/O/P/R/T/U/V/W/X).

The seventeen Trident/ Enviro400s (TE 976-992) for Brentford route E2 were late arriving, with just three, TE 978/979/980 coming by 30th August.  Although these three carried their booked registrations LK09 EKX/Y/Z, the whole batch is being re-plated with 59 marks, thus:  TE 976-992  (LK59 DYY, DZA/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/J/L/M/N/O/P/R/S). 

The unique Marshall-bodied Dart SLF MLF 122, one of those inherited from Thorpe’s, caught fire and was completely destroyed while on route C11 (as PA107) in Claremont Road, Cricklewood on the morning of 20th August. TE 937 (PB) suffered an accident but was soon back in use at Potters Bar by 17th August.   TP 457 (PB) (TLB539 p30 refers) is also back in use at PB.

Can anyone explain why TP 3 has been fitted with a replacement nearside destination display? Instead of having the display carrying both route and via point in the upper section of the first nearside window, it is now fitted with an example that shows just the route number in the bottom left hand side. Apparently looks very odd.   Repaints noted in the last month have been very few:  DLD 193, TA 658 and TE 839.   It is expected that some of the TPs redundant after the loss of route 205 from 29th August will gradually move from Perivale (PV) to Brentford (AH) to replace other TPs that can be eventually returned to Dawson Rentals.   Meanwhile, numerous redundant Darts remain stored, mosty now in all-white, awaiting return to Dawson Rentals.  The handful of SELs at PV that had been a top-up to route 205 are now being used on route 460.

New deliveries (August)

Some of the buses from DE 999 upwards, (which arrived on delivery from late July onwards) had the incorrect match of fleet, registration and chassis numbers applied.  Buses classified DE 999-1003 now have regs originally allocated to DE 1010-1014. In turn, DE 1010-1014 have now been given the registrations originally earmarked to 999-1003! To reprise the list, therefore, tthe July deliveries were:

DE 993-998 (LK09 ENC/E/F/H/J/L), 999-1003 (LK09 EOA/B/C/D/E), 1004-1006 (LK09 ENT/U/V)

And the August deliveries:
DE 1007-1014 (LK09 ENW/X/Y, ENM/N/O/P/R)   AD E200Dart- AD Enviro200 10.2m B29D.

Transfers:   VPL 220 HT/EW.   TPL 272 W/HT.    TP 411, 415. 417 PV/HT.  DE 1007-1014 --/W.
(thus DE 999-1003 at PA, 1004-1014 at W). DP 1018-1028, 1030, 1041/42/43  AH/NWu.

Disposals:     MLF 122 destroyed by fire (20th August).


The coach fleet suddenly got renumbered in late August.   All are prefixed  C.   However, there seems no logic to it as batches are now split up, three types of Volvos (was V/VC/VP for B7R/B12B/B12M variants) plus all the DAFs and Scanias are all in one sequence.  There is no differentiation to the ages or lengths either.  So, the list, which can be compared with the coach fleet in our 2009 Fleetbook:

C 001-39 ex SC 1-39

C 040-43 ex VP 1-4

C 044-48 ex V 29, 37, 41, 42, 43

C 049-50 ex VC 1, 4

C 051-57 ex SC 40-46

C 058 ex NXL 32

C 059 ex D303 (Y303 HUA)

C 060-72 ex VC 5-17

C 073 ex V 26

C 074-75 ex VC 2, 3

C 076-86 ex V 27, 28, 30-36, 38-39

C 087  this number is missing !

C 088-94 ex D 319, 322/4/6/7/9, 331

Note that Y303 HUA came back here in June from a stint at Travel London as a trainer.  Two additional coaches have arrived from Bruce of Salsburgh in Scotland:

C 095, 096   FJ57 KHP, KHR  Volvo B12B – Caetano Levante C49FTL- 2007.

It is reported that since the renumbering, C 027-031 and 034 may have gone to Bruce Salsburgh, while C 088 and 092 at least now seem to be in the West Midlands.

As to airport bus fleets, the thirty ‘Hotel Hoppa’ E200Darts 8321-52 at Heathrow are already in the NatEx ‘national’ bus numbering system, but the other buses have been allocated new numbers.  However, we are not sure whether the new numbers are actually applied as yet. 

The six Cobus 2700 airside buses (unregistered) from ‘C1-C6’ to 8600-8605.

DAF SB220/ East Lancs 831-847 (X831-X847 NWX)  to 8606-8622.

Dart SLF/UVG   1007/8 (R425/6 AOR) to 8623-8624.

Volvo B6LE/ Wright 1009/11-14 (N241/3-246 WRW) to 8625-8629.

Four coaches  P2,3,4 CAP and P566 MLE  to  8630-8633.   These are Volvo B10M-62/ Plaxton Premiere 350 C53F from 1996 (CAP) and 1997 (MLE) and new to Capital, West Drayton.

The new fleet which arrived in 2008/09 for use at Stansted Airport are now in the new system.  All had been given SA** numbers but are now renumbered.   It is unlikely that new numbers are yet applied.

8541-53 (SA 1-13)   KX58 GUA/C/D/E/F/G/H, BU53 AXN/O/P/R/T/V.   MB 0530G Citaro-G AB30T.

8554-60 (SA 14-20) KX58 GVJ/K/L/M, GTU/Y/Z  MB.0530 Citaro 12m. B22D.

8561-63 (SA 21-23) KX58 GUJ/K/O    AD E200Dart – AD Enviro200 B**.

8564-73 (SA 24-33) KX58 BJK/V/U/O, BKA, BJZ, BFA, BJY,  KX09 CJO/U.  MB Sprinter B8F.    

The remaining Volvo B6LE are no longer in the London airports’ fleets and the survivors are in store at NXWM’s Miller Street Garage in Birmingham, probably to be refitted for local bus work in the West Midlands.   Indeed, one of them (P229 AAP) is now in service in Walsall and P244 AAP has been upseated from B28F to B34F.   The P***AAP buses have retained their 2** fleet numbers, while T504/5 TOL and R514 KNJ are now renumbered 204/5 and 214, and are also stored at Miller Street.   It will be recalled that  R512/3 KNJ and Dart 658 COP left the fleet earlier this year (TLB536 refers).  This clears all the Volvo B6LEs from ‘the TLB area’.

NSL SERVICES, Twickenham  

A few vehicles appeared from late July with new NSL logos. By the end of August, only a small minority of buses in the fleet had actually received them.   These are in white with an upward pointing yellow arrow.   They are quite small and are applied on the fronts and above the driver’s cab and front entrance door. 

Grant PALMER, Dunstable

One re-registration:  Olympian JHU 912X to HNV 132X.

RED LINE, Aylesbury

Varios usually appear on the Hemel evening service contracts, although on 9th June the green Primo MX56 ABV appeared. Several extra vehicles have been acquired to allow for the expansion of services in Buckinghamshire; the Enviro300 is in school bus yellow.

Acquired:  (August)

R754 VRM   Volvo B10M-62 – Plaxton C53F – 1998, from Tonna Luxury Coaches, Neath.

T946 BNN   Dart SLF – Plaxton Pointer 10.7m B40F – 1999,  from Trent Barton.

X92 FOR    Dart SLF – Caetano Nimbus 11.0m B47F – 2000, from Claribel, Birmingham.

KH55 KMH   AD Enviro300  11.9m  B60F – 2005, from Tonna Luxury Coaches, Neath. 


  via Ensignbus  (August):

N414 MBW, N424 MBW  Dennis Dart 9.8 SDL – Plaxton Pointer B40F – 1996.


The new network of services around Oxted/ Westerham/ Godstone (TLB540 p17/18 refers) commenced as planned on Saturday 29th August, although the full weekday and schoolday service did not start until 1st/2nd September.  Thus the three new Enviro200s entered service on 1st September, and together with Centrebus at Luton, were the first 59-plate buses to do so in the ‘LOTS area’. From the 1st, their regular duty is for one on the 594/595 and the other two on the 410.  The Olympian is on long-term loan from Buzzlines, it has been converted to single door, is white and fitted with seat belts.

         With the extension of the 410 to Holland, regular double-deck working, using the two DAF/Presidents and the Volvo B7TL, on the 410 has been replaced by a new pattern. One each on school routes 606 and 657 and one on Mon-Fri peak hour short workings on the 410 between Redhill and Oxted plus the M-F offpeak 494 between Oxted and Caterham.

New deliveries (August):  108-110 (YX59 BZB/C/D) AD E200Dart – AD Enviro200 10.8m B37F.

Inward loan:  from Buzzlines, Hythe, Kent:

N623 RAP (formerly Dublin Bus 96-D-271)  Volvo Olympian – Alexander H47/31F (ex H47/27D).

STANSTED TRANSIT, Stansted and Braintree

More disposals:   (from full list noted in TLB539, and mostly from PSV Circle sources)

P679 RWU- gone by 2007.                  

BOK 5V, D195 FYM, J128 DUV, J306 WHJ, P739 FMS – gone by June 2008.

H101 THE, J304 WHJ, T462 HNH - gone by September 2008.

T431 EBD - sold in February 2009.

T74 WWV, T75 WWV, T414 LGP, AE08 DLF (at least) to Essex County Buses.   These four buses entered service on new town services 81/82 in Bury St Edmunds (Suffolk ) from 1st September.

KX57 FMD via Dawson Rentals to  Kent Top Temps, Aylesford, Kent.

KX57 FMF via Dawson Rentals to Freedom Travel, Ely, Cambs (but in use on their newly acquired route 18 Saffron Walden & Haverhill).


Correction to TLB540:
 LDP 17 (P517 RYM) did not go to Brundrit after all (although LDP 10 did).

Disposals:  Dennis Lances  LLW 25, 31, 36, 37 all sold (August).

TRANSDEV incorporating


The batch of E200s DE 32-49 duly went into service on route 72, the first report being of just five of them among a lot of normal Darts on 11th August. It took most of August for the rest to follow.  The follow-on batch of seven, DE 50-56, arrived in late August complete with “59” registration plates.  These are the buses ordered for new route 324, which has been postponed for some months due to local objections over part of the proposed route.   Hopefully, the company may be able to use them elsewhere temporarily.

The first few SPs of the next big order started to arrive from Poland through Immingham and Hull from 25th August when SP 68 landed. The first twenty are due for Edgware (BT) to convert route 183, these being SP 68-87 (YT59 RXR/S/U/V/W/X/Y/Z, RYA/B/C/D/F/G/H/J/K/M/N/O). The next seventeen have been allocated registrations (SP 88-104) YT59 SFK/N/O/U/V/X/Y/Z, SGO/U/V/X/Y/Z, SHJ/V/X and are to fulfil the conversion of Fulwell routes 65 and 71.

Withdrawn Darts and Volvo B7TLs (older VAs and VPs) have been gathering at various locations, but sales seem to have been very thin on the ground.  Although some would go off lease, some others are to be reinstated for a conversion to double-deck of route 81 (Hounslow- Slough) and some workings on the 222 (Hounslow- Uxbridge) from 10th October.  A few VPs are also reinstated (one is known, see below) to help out on the 183 until the new SPs go into service. 

Since the arrival of the Scanias, there is now a problem in Brook Street Kingston at the 65 stand.  Due to the extra length (10.8m instead of 9.9m of the TAs), when there are three on the stand, the last one protrudes into the road.  Apparently, the new DEs at Shepherd’s Bush have blinds including route 148. Now that WOULD be a strange working!   Both DPS 6 and 10 look as though they won’t be working from Shepherd’s Bush again too soon as 6 looks like it’s been dumped and 10 has been covered over. The two odd loans mentioned last month, DPS 527 (AV/SO) and 579 (FW/SO), were both back at their home sheds (AV for 527 and 579 for 579) in late August. By the way, the DPFs have not been seen since early July when all the loans started, and in any case are no longer required.

In full red livery this month are DP 78, DPS 587, 670, 692 plus SLE 33, 36, 40.  The latter completes the ‘route 13 batch’ at Edgware, SLEs 21-44 are now all dealt with, all having been repainted at Barton Park Eastleigh.

Odd workings: SP 30 on the 49 on 4th September. Thus far, these have not attempted the route as there has been a left-turn restriction (Fulham Road to Sydney Street) to longer buses in Chelsea.  However, it can evidently be achieved with care!  Meanwhile, the rather unloved SOs continue - or at least were doing so to late August - to act as spare cover at S (SO 1, 7, 8 and 9 usually on route 220),  FW (3 and 4 on the 267) and BT (2, 5 and 6 on the 13).

New deliveries  (August):

DE 50-56   YX59 BYA/B/C/D/F/G/H   AD E200Dart – AD Enviro200 10.2m B29D.


DP 97 HH/AV.     DPS 6, 10 S/Su.      DPS 8, 13, 14, 15 S/HHu.   DPF 558-562 SO/wdn.
DPS 579 SO/FW.     DPS 629, 635, 639, 665 HH/AV.    VP 111 HHu/BT.

Specification Changes:  

DPS 587, 641, 660, 668, 670, 681, 691, 692 from B30D to B27D.
VA 73, 76, 90, 91 from H43/20D to H43/17D.

Delete reference to VA 93 converted to H43/17D. It remains H43/20D at present.

TRAVEL LONDON  (incl. Travel Surrey) (BC, BF, QB, TF, WL and WS garages)

The Kingston University contracts (routes KU1/2/3) operated by four Tridents (9706/15/23/25) and one Solo (8847) in special white-based livery ceased after the summer term, contracts passing to Tellings- Golden Miller (who of course ran them prior to being bought out by Travel London in June 2005).   From the autumn term in mid-September, T-GM will operate its own vehicles.  And then route ELC (New Cross & Canada Water) will be withdrawn after Friday 25th September. In both cases, as well as with those retired from routes 156 and part of 344, displaced Tridents are being retained in stock for the time being.   There will be quite a lot of these!!

The last five Darts that had never been recorded as repainted from T-GM colours to the white & red ‘Surrey’ livery must have been done by now.  In any case, 8083/84 are known to have been done, leaving 8076/77/85 as unreported.   Trident 9711, the solitary double-deck at Byfleet Depot for route 400, is also now in the white and red Surrey livery.

The latest  thirty-eight Trident/ E400s (9467-9504 batch) started to trickle into service, with just 9468 in use on route 344 on 25th August and merely five by the end of the month. Even into the first week of September, it was the 4th before any more appeared.   We are informed that up to 9503 had been formally registered with their booked 09 registrations, leaving 9504 which will get a new 59 mark. It’s the familiar ‘awaiting iBus fitment problems’ here.  This batch has Euro 5 Cummins engines and the latest 300bhp ZF Ecolife 6-speed gearboxes (previously it was Euro 4 and 260bhp 5-speed ZF).

Although there has not yet been any public announcement, Travel London staff have been advised that the operations may be re-branded as Abellio London and Abellio Surrey. The name Abellio is used for the owner’s Ned Rail’s operations in Germany.  Nevertheless, the actual formal name of the companies remain Travel London Ltd (BC, QB, WL garages) and Travel London West Ltd (BF, TF, WS garages) – at least for now. 

New deliveries (August):

9479-9493 (LJ09 OKN/O/P/R/S/T/U/V/W/X/Z, OLA/B/C/E)
AD Trident- AD Enviro400 10.1m H41/26D.   To store, most (if not all) at TF.

Transfers: (August):    9072 BC/WL.    9467-70/72  TFu/QB.   9775 QB/BC.

Detail changes: Tridents 9762/63/64/65 repainted, refurbished and downseated from H43/20D to H43/19D.    We now have 9737/39-44/46-57/59-65 completed – any more please?

Disposal:  Training coach Y303 HUA (TLB539 p33 refers) went back to NatEX in June.  See the NatEX entry above for its new number.

TRUSTYBUS, Harlow (Galleon Travel/ Trustline)

The operation was sold to Centrebus Ltd from 23rd August - see Centrebus entry for the list.

UNIVERSITYBUS (t/a uno), Hatfield

Although the two MB811Ds left the fleet some time ago (but were missed by us), the solitary manual gearbox Vario 429 (Y129 TBF) remains in everyday use.   It can be found on the many and varied shoppers’ services around Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City.  It does a school run from Codicote into WG City (Knightsfield) morning and afternoon but in between (0845-1500 approx) it works thus:  Mons (200), Tues (206/201/215), Wed (205/312),  Thur (206/203/215),  Fri (206/201/215).

The nine Citaros (314-321, chassis nos 118566-574) are due during September, these being for the ‘main line’ route 602.   The intended start date is  Monday 14th September.

The last bus in Sovereign’s old blue and cream livery was Dart W575 XRO, which has lasted out well after its sisters had been repainted, duly succumbed during mid-August.


MB.811Ds 451 (L951 MBH) and 458 ( M458UUR)  to Erith Commercials (March).

Dart/Wrights 653 (R653 VBM) and 655 (YDZ 2082) to G. Ripley, South Yorks (dealer) (August).


The "Where are they now" column (or: Subsequent vehicle disposals)


RM  967  Further to TLB467, this RM was sold from the unknown owner in Blaenau Ffestiniog in North Wales to an unknown owner in Scotland, possibly in the Edinburgh area at the end of 2006 ? In 2002, this RM was fitted with an LPG powered engine which was still working when it left North Wales; it makes this RM unique. Has anyone any recent information since 2006.?

RM  1797 (DGW 130B) was re-registered to 772 DYE  by Mr R Duker, Little Paxton, Cambs (March 2009), following the rebuild of its rear to near original condition. It appears that 797 DYE is now a cancelled registration.

RM  1971 from Mr A Adams, Luton to the London Bus Export Company, Lydney, Glos. (July).

RML2528 from Routemaster Buses Ltd. / RML2418 Ltd., Wem, Shropshire to Dreadnought Coaches, Alnwick, Northumberland (September).

RML2677 from Mr M Roulston (t/a Glasgow City Transport), Glasgow to Ensign Bus and then subsequently to Ambassatours, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (all August).

RMA14 (KGJ 602D) from Mr P Graves, Watford (having been in storage in Essex for 13 years), to Mr S Boxall, Beckenham (August), for eventual restoration.

Leyland Titans:

T  4, 8, 9, 11, 33 (WYV 8T, etc), 819, 820 (RYK 819Y, etc) Following the clearance of the London Bus Company’s Dagenham overflow yard during May, it is reported that early Ts 8, 9 and 11 were broken up on site and taken away in skips. Ts 4, 33, 819 and 820 were transferred to Northfleet for further storage, however T 820 was stripped and its shell collected by Wigley, Carlton on 25th August.

T  300 (KYN 300X), 911 (A911 SYE) from Whippet Coaches, Fenstanton to Wigley, Carlton (May 2009), and scrapped. This leaves just T 1111 as the last Titan with Whippet, who moved to new premises at nearby Swavesey during August.

T  572 (NUW 572Y) from Glasgow Elim Church to Dunsmore, Larkhall (Dec.2008), and scrapped.

T  652 (NUW 652Y) from Nu-Venture Coaches, Aylesford to Wealden PSV, Five Oak Green, Kent (August). It was destined for Malta, but mechanical failure may change its destiny. The Nu-Venture Titan fleet will now be gradually replaced, photographers be warned.

T  752 (OHV 752Y) was last mentioned in TLB455, and an addition to SUP44A, this bus was acquired by Wealden, Five Oak Green (January 2002), and its derelict shell remains with them at Five Oak Green at September 2009, having been stored over previous years by Tracks/Marshopper at Brookland and then by Farleigh Coaches, then at Wouldham. It arrived at Five Oak Green when Farleigh’s old yard was cleared during April 2007.

T  753 (OHV 753Y) Having been stripped for spares by Nu-Venture Coaches, Aylesford, this bus was sold for scrap to Wigley, Carlton (August).

T  795 (NSU 513) from Village Coaches, Findon to Wigley, Carlton (September 2007), and scrapped.

T  830 (A830 SUL) is used as the Nutty Squirrel’s Playbus in the Haverfordwest area of Wales.

T  873 (A873 SUL) from RML Travel, Cotes Heath, Staffs (who did not use it), to UK Bus Dismantlers, Bromyard , Worcs (May), for eventual scrapping.

T  960 (A960 SYE) Updating TLB536, was acquired by Ards Tours, Newtownards, N. Ireland (March).

T  991 (A991 SYE) A report has suggested that this bus was exported by the Big Bus Company to its Dubai operation some time ago. It probably left with Ts 839, 844, 870, 875 and 1005 in the second batch to arrive in the United Arab Emirates of 2006. Could anyone confirm? 

T  999 (A999 SYE) further to TLB529, without any sighting in the capital’s East London, perhaps it was the South African city of that name that it was donated to. Has anyone seen this bus?

Leyland Olympians:

L  181 (D181 FYM) from Hardwick to Hulme Hall, Cheadle Hulme (July).

L  413 (H113 GEV) Further to TLB538, this L is now with GHA, Ruabon, North Wales (July).

L  415 (H115 GEV) from Arriva Manchester to GHA, Ruabon, North Wales (July).

Miscellaneous Double deck types:

EVL 1 (PL51 LGA) was the first one seen repainted into Plymouth Citybus red and white livery; it has become fleet number 411.

SP 4 (K304 FYG) from Johnsons Coaches, Hodthorpe to M Travel, Normanton, West Yorkshire (July).

TA 88, 93 (T688, 693 KPU) (formerly East London 17088/093) from Ensign Bus to Garnetts Coaches, Bishop Auckland (August).

TA 94 (T694 KPU) (formerly East London 17094) from Ensign Bus to Fords Coaches, Althorne, Essex (August).

TL 918 (PO51 UMS) from Ensign Bus to Kimes Coaches, Folkingham, Lincs. (August).

TN 818 (T818 LLC), 859, 860 (V859, 860HBY) (First 32818 etc.) are now confirmed with First Eastern Counties (August).

TN 1152 (LR02 LXL) (First 33152) went to First Essex (August) and may be allocated to Clacton.

V    10 (N310 JBV), 44 (P244 UCW) (First 34010, 34044) from First Bristol to First Hampshire & Dorset (by August).

V    41, 43 (P241, 243 UCW) (First 34010, 34043) from First Bristol to First Somerset & Avon (by August).   [Sorry, these are Volvo Olympians, no room on previous page - Ed!]

Miscellaneous Single deck types:

DA  11 (J711 CYG) from Ensign Bus to Ripley, Barnsley (August).

DAL11 (N311 AMC), 601 (N601 KGF) (Stagecoach 32311, 32601) from Stagecoach South to Wigley (by August).

DAL 609, 610 (N609, 610 KGF) (Stagecoach 32609, 32610) were destroyed in the fire at Stagecoach South Wales Aberdare depot on the 8th July.

DML15, 17 (R695 MEW) from Click, Skelmersdale to Doyle, Alfreton (August).

DM 229, 230, 232 (R229 TLM etc.), 265 (T265 JLD) (First 41229 etc.)  confirmed with First Cymru.

DML 247 (S247 KLM), 253 (S253 JLP) (First 41247 and 41253) arrived with First West Yorkshire in late July and were initially stored with DML 254 (S254 JLP) and DM 284 (T284 JLD) (First 41254 and 41284). At the end of August, DML 253 and 254 had entered service from Leeds (Hunslett Park depot) and DM 284 had joined DM281-283 at Halifax. A further five DMLs had arrived, but had not entered service. These are DML 248 (S248 KLM), 255, 256 (S255, 256 JLP), 315 and 316 (V315, 316 GBY) (First 41258 etc.). All the DMLs have been re-seated to B31F.

ES    798 (LT02 NVB) (First 54098) is now re-allocated to Halifax depot with First West Yorkshire from July.

LDP 41 passed to Ensign Bus from Go Ahead London in July 2009. This corrects the entry in SUP44A.

LDP 51, 68 (R451 LGH etc.) from Ensign Bus to ACE Travel, Liverpool (August).

LDP 62, 84, further to TLB540, these actually went from Ensign Bus to Galleon Travel, t/a Trustybus (August) but are now with Centrebus Harlow, after its purchase of the Trustybus operation.

LDP 72, 83, 86 (R472 LGH etc.) from Ensign Bus to AM-PM Travel, Birmingham, West Midlands (August).

PD  64 (M64 VJO), 425 (N425 MBW) from Stagecoach East Midlands (32080, 32425) to Nu-Venture Coaches, Aylesford, Kent (64/425) (September 2009), both await repaint and entry to service.

PD 65 (M65 VJO), further to TLB534, from Southdown PSV to New Horizon Travel, Frating, Essex (April 2009), joining PD 63.

PD 81, 87 (M81, M87 WBW)  from Stagecoach East Midlands (32081, 32087) to Nu-Venture Coaches, Aylesford, Kent (August 2009) and numbered 81 and 87. At the time of writing 81 awaits repainting, and 87 entered service on 1st September 2009.

PD 414, 424 (N414, 424 MBW) from Ensign Bus to Regal Busways, Chelmsford, Essex (August).

SLD 158 (V158 MVX) (formerly East London 34158) from Ensign Bus to Padarn Bus, Llanberis, North Wales (August).

SLD 212, 213, 214, 216 (W212 DNO etc.) (34212 etc.) from Stagecoach North West to Stagecoach Fife (all August except 216 which went in July).

SLW 19, 21, 22, 24, 26 (RDZ 6119 etc.) from Ensign Bus to Ripley, Barnsley (August).

VN 6 (K123 BUD, ex K6 KLL) from Bluestar / Solent Blue Line to Glover, Ashbourne (by August)



LUL/LBSL Fleet; Newly reported vehicles                                                                            Allocation

6704F      LS09 ARF       Ford Transit High-Roof Crew Van            ?                    White/Blue     ACN

6720F      LS09 AUA     Ford Transit Crew-Cab Dropside Truck  JNP               White/Blue     SDD

6737F      LR09 LHU     Ford Mondeo Estate Car                              ?                    White/Blue

6741F      LL09 FBF       Ford Transit Low-Roof Crew Van             Metronet     White/Blue     GHO

6780F      LS09 BZF        Ford Focus Estate Car                                   ?                    White/Blue

6787H     HK09 BHF     Honda CR-V Estate Car                                ?                    Silver                ACN

6788F      LS09 ATX       Ford Transit High-Roof Crew Van            ?                    White/Blue     ACN

6790F      LL09 ETE       Ford Transit High-Roof Van                       Metronet     White/Blue     HAD

6791VW                            RE09 BBU                                                       Volkswagen Caddy Crew Van  ?                White/Blue

6796F      LT59 LCF       Ford Transit mid-height Van                       ?                    White/Blue

6814F      LL09 ETU      Ford Transit Low-Roof Crew Van             ?                    White/Blue

-                 VN07 CKO     Ford Focus Estate Car                                   JNP               Dark Blue        SDD

-                 LM58 OYB    Ford Focus Estate Car                                   SSL               Silver               

?                LS09 BXC       Ford Focus Estate Car                                   JNP               White/Blue     SDD

-                 WP09 SMV    Mercedes-Benz Econic Refuse Truck        JNP               White/Blue     ACN

-                 WP09 SMX    Mercedes-Benz Econic Refuse Truck        JNP               White/Blue     ACN

?                YS09 CXC      Ford Transit Staff Facility Van                    JNP               White/Blue     ACN

Additional information and updates

WP09 SMV/SMX are the first of three Econic 2629 Geesink-Norba refuse trucks due. They will replace 2582M, 2583M and a hired vehicle. VN07 CKO was new in 2007 but has only recently been reported carrying Tube Lines logos.

Updating TLB540, LL09 EWD is numbered 6742F with Metronet at GHO,  LS09 ASV is 6773F with Metronet at WDR, LS09 ATK is 6815F, and OY09 EPV is 6765.

6707F (TLB539) is with BCV at ETD. 6678R is also at ETD and is silver rather than grey, while 6587F is silver/blue (not silver).  Un-numbered VN07SZE is white (not white/blue). 6548F now carries correct fleetnumbers.

New location codes are IHO for Isleworth LBSL offices (6074VW, 6301H, 6303H and 6305H) and WRS for West Ruislip Station (6772).

New and updated allocations are:

5736F    WDR

(since withdrawn)

6000F    ACN

6023F    ETD

6045R   ETD

6126F    WDR

6237F    ACF

6268V   LBD

6273V   ACN

6291F    ACN

6318F    HAD

6446F    ACN

6463F    ACN

6464F    ACN

6480F    HAD

6494F    NPD

6561F    ACN

6588F    NSD

6621M TLB

6638      HAD

6645      HAD

6651V   ACN

6702F    GHO

6714F    GHO

6732V   RKS

6739F    GHO

6740F    GHO

6750      LBD

6764      SSS

6766F    ACB

6776F    ERS

6779F    NPD

6781F to 6784F

                at GHO

6786F    ACN

6795F    ACF 

6801F    NPD

In addition, all of the following are at SDD, although 5856F has since been withdrawn:







































Finally on allocations, the following ‘TfL Streets’ cars have moved from VEP to SCH:

LR56 OCE, RA07 GDU, FL57 CJO, FL57 CJU and SM57 JWY.

The following vehicles are believed to have left the fleet recently:































































plus un-numbered X49 FKN, VF55 GCK, LR06 VZY and RV06 YAG.

Bus Company Fleets; Newly reported Vehicles

BD02     R568 YOA   LDV Pilot Van                         Go-Ahead London       Red                 BE

-               VE04 ECX    Ford Fiesta Van                        Transdev                          Red                 HH

-               GV57 YCJ    Vauxhall Corsa Van                 Go-Ahead London       Red                 Q

99           YP08 YOD  Vauxhall Corsa Car                  Arriva London              Silver             DX

Additional information

YP08 YOD completes the Arriva batch of crew ferry cars numbered 92 to 136.

Transfers reported are:

Arriva London:   43 (NX54 YTK) from LV to CN,

East London: 95091 (HT05 VAE) BK to WH and 96015/96016 (EX08 KZN/KZP) WH to RM, Metroline:    YE09 ONX to HD, and

Transdev:      S169 TOC from TV to HH.

Go-Ahead London GP57 MVC at Blue Triangle is a Vauxhall Combo (not a Corsa) with fleetnumber 9, similar GP57 MVH being 1. R568 YOA carries Blue Triangle lettering and is currently unlicensed. VE04 ECX is lettered as ‘CCTV Support’.

Quality Line VW Crafter van LC58 GFU has been re-registered A6 HRR. The VW Transporter van that previously carried this mark is presumed withdrawn.


Car 2534 is due back after repair from Crewe Railway Works during the second week of September. It would return in its original colours of red & white plus repaired and replaced panels.  Of course, one end suffered severe damage in the crash in September 2008, but other (‘good’) end also suffered damage in a conflict with a Class 66 locomotive whilst being shunted at Crewe.  After some testing, it will need to have the refurbishment to match the rest of the fleet, prior to returning to service.

During the use of the temporary platform in George Street (east), an interesting operation took place.  The cross-over was west of the platform.  The motion of each tram arriving from Wimbledon pushed the points in its favour, then it ran to the platform. On departure, though, to return the points in favour of the cross-over, each driver got out, walked to the points, inserted a long pole into the switch in the trackway, switched the points and returned to his/her tram before departing. This was thus a rare opportunity to use this cross-over whilst in passenger service. The temporary platform itself was staffed by inspectors checking tickets as there were no Oyster readers, and the whole affair had a nice set of railings erected, all painted in ‘Tramlink’ green.  One would hope and assume that the structure could be dismantled and used again in times of need elsewhere.

In the event, just one spare tram could be based east of Croydon and that was kept at the Sandilands crossover. This was mainly to cover the routine servicing requirements of the trams over the three-week-long third phase period of the works.  Should an emergency have arisen, whereby more than one tram needed to have depot attention, then a back-up plan was in place to transport the trams by road to do an exchange, but fortunately the need never arose.   However, two trams suffered broken windows one evening, then parked at Beckenham Junction and New Addington, causing a reduction in service for a few hours.  Once the mobile sander (TLB540 p36 refers) had come into operation at Lloyd Park, the cleaning of the trams based in the Sandilands Tunnel reverted to being done at Lloyd Park stop which gave more flexibility with the sanding operation.

The track works that should have finished on 31st August over-ran partly to Sunday 6th September.  The problem was in the replacement of several sets of points just west of East Croydon Station by the Dingwall Road junction.   By 31st August and after three weeks of ‘outstationing’, it was necessary to get some of the trams back to the depot for routine servicing during this period and beyond, along with a few trams that had developed minor faults, as well as 2547 that had a smashed windscreen and a side window due to vandalism. To this end, a temporary connecting rail track was put in place on the western end of the East Croydon Station stop, to facilitate the exchange of a number of trams over the night of Monday 31st August/Tuesday 1st September.

So, Phase 3 developed into Phase 4 (or perhaps 3 and a half). From Tuesday 1st September, trams were able to run into the centre platform at East Croydon and there was a 10-minute service to both New Addington and Beckenham Junction, plus a 20-minute shuttle from Elmers End to Arena.   Therefore, there was still a break in the through service with ‘east’ trams coming into East Croydon, passengers walking the few yards to the temporary stop in George Street near Dingwall Road for connections towards to the Town Centre and Wimbledon.  The bus link (operated by First London) between Sandilands and East Croydon was no longer needed now.  The arrangement lasted until Sunday 6th September, with tram service returning to normal in the East Croydon area from Monday 7th

Having said that, further ‘routine’ engineering works between Sandilands and East Croydon were being scheduled for Sunday 13th September. 

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